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Tuesday, February 27, 2024
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Three books for the weekend: the story of a hedgehog who becomes king, the land of dastardly plans and an English family drama KXan 36 Daily News

Date: February 27, 2024 Time: 07:38:32

“Another Life”, Jodie Chapman, Sinbad Publishing House

Photo: Editorial Simbad

A love story where the gun (literally and figuratively) shoots more times than we would like. Anna grew up in a family with strict rules, where there is no place to smoke, drink, have sex before marriage, and breaking the rules is fraught with breaks in relationships with loved ones. Nick is a serious and reasonable guy, but he is afraid of personal responsibility, struggling in the abyss of life so as not to lose his happiness.

A simple story about youthful love in the English Chapman’s debut novel turns into a drama about family relationships, in a conversation about childhood trauma that affects the future life of the characters, casts doubt on the institution of marriage, which it fades more and more. in the modern world, and challenges orthodox viewsfor life… And this book is about memory, which often keeps only good memories. At the same time, the novel is written ironically and does not turn into a cloying fairy tale with a happy ending. Life, having thoroughly defeated the heroes, simply gives them one more chance and it is not a fact that the baggage with which they reached this point will not separate them again.

“What a pity that then, with my twenty-two-year-old mind, I did not understand the true meaning of these words. I didn’t understand that the risk she was running for me was nothing more than a confession of feelings. She could go back to that day and convince us to pay more attention to her words, maybe we wouldn’t have wasted so many years. They say that a person is glorious not in words, but in deeds, but they also say: “if youth knew, if old age could.” All these stupid sayings started with someone’s regrets.

“Unbeatable. The Star of Oblivion”, Vadim Panov, publishing house “Alpina. Children”

Photo: Alpina.Children’s editorial

If you have a traveling circus at your dacha, literally in a neighboring clearing, there can be only one solution – to immediately go to the performance. The two sisters Iriska and Polika did the same. True, they definitely knew a little more than ordinary girls, because not everyone could get into this big tent, but only the owners of the Gema magic key, who know that this circus is from another world, whose name is Charm.

“Next to the wondrous Charm, there was an evil-saturated Mold, full of dangers and looming misfortunes. The land of eternal twilight and cowardly plans. The land of great trouble. Far, far to the west of the Charm, two beings so different The worlds were joined so closely that travelers-those possessing the necessary skill and the right skill-could pass or lead from one to the other, and so that the evil soldiers of the dark did not penetrate the Enchantment, the place of confluence of The worlds, the worlds, the Dusk Frontier, were guarded day and night by the brave warriors of the red-blue and other clans.”

Vadim Panov’s fantastic story about friendship, trust and the superiority of kindness, where there is a place for beautiful magical castles and scary black dots, will make young readers believe in the feminine power of not only beauty, but also of intelligence and cunning. , without which in real life one cannot earn in any business. Of course, it will not do without the bad and good wizards that the sisters will face. They not only have to fight against evil, but also protect the entire Charm from Oblivion, face the world of Mold, which is headed by an evil queen named Rotten. Running on a wild ostrich, maftans, flying on a self-propelled ship – all this awaits the intrepid Unsurpassed, their friends and, of course, readers.

“Baby Cap and People from under the Hill. British Fairy Tales”, in the retelling of Grigory Kruzhkov, Melik-Pashaev publishing house

Photo: Melik-Pashayev Publishing House

This collection includes English, Scottish and Irish fairy tales; They will appeal to all fans of the genre. Two of them, “Lionel and the Magic Book” and “A Thousand True Copies”, are author: they were written by the recognized classic of children’s literature Edith Nesbit. And the translation by the connoisseur of English poetry and literature Grigory Kruzhkov is a real sign of quality for skeptics Kruzhkov is a classic Here you will find stories about the lucky prince, who was saved by the daughter of a giant and the clever Red-haired Maria, about the smart boy Jamie, who managed to deceive the insidious. sorcerer and become the most famous magician, about the famous bard Shanahan, who angered the Cat King Iruzan with a funny song, about a little hedgehog, who will become king, and much more.

Wise, funny and instructive tales are interspersed with children’s songs with their own little plot. And all this is complemented by purely English illustrations by the artist Irina Gavrilova.

The merry king Old Kol, the glorious lord, He was a merry king. “Give me the phone,” he yelled, “Give me a glass of wine! Yes, hurry on the neck These nannies and doctors, And call me soon My glorious violinists!” The violinists played in front of him And danced: labor-la-la! The whole world has not seen a funnier king!

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