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Wednesday, May 31, 2023
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Ticks shrink around Artemovsk: the truth about the Russian offensive and the concrete-filled bunkers of the Armed Forces of Ukraine is revealed

Date: May 31, 2023 Time: 21:06:56

Artemovsk is a well fortified city.


Military correspondent KP.RU in his author’s program “Kots. Analyst with a name” on Radio “Komsomolskaya Pravda” spoke about the situation in the Artemovsk region, around which the pincers of the Russian army are tightening.


Today PMC “Wagner” and Yevgeny Prigozhin officially announced: the village of Kleshcheevka (which is located south of Artemovsk) has been completely taken under control. You can treat such news in different ways: there are local hits, there are small ones, and there are bigger ones. For example, under the small town of Prokhorovka in 1943, the backbone of the Nazis was broken during the operation on the Kursk Bulge. So is Klescheevka, perhaps a small town, but on the scale of the entire operation it can play a significant role.

We have many towns like this ahead. Some will be taken as a result of the formation of boilers, others – by strong assault actions, as in the case of Kleshcheevka. But today, pardon the pun, the tongs around Artemovsk are decorated. Thanks to this success, today on the northern flank of these pincers we have taken Soledar, the urban settlement “Sun” and Rudnik-7, on the south – Kleshcheevka, through which you can already calmly move towards the highway connecting Artemovsk and Konstantinovka.

From Soledar and from the urban-type settlement “Sol” assault detachments are moving towards Paraskovievka (this, by the way, is the same settlement where the famous mines are located, in which wagons with small arms of the Great Patriotic War). a depth of 152 meters). And from Paraskovievka it is already possible to go to the next Artemovsk supply line leading to Slavyansk.

There are also roads that lead through Chasov Yar to Kramatorsk. And I think that Chasov Yar will become the next settlement after Artemovsk, which will be taken by Russian troops.


But first, of course, it will be necessary to deal with Artemovsk. It is a well fortified city. The enemy is still sitting on it and continues to prepare for street battles. This can be seen in their videos that they upload to the network. Prepare thoroughly. That is, there will be no easy walk, but again grueling city battles, where a more motivated opponent will prevail. And the “Wagnerites” proved that in street battles they still have no equal.

Naturally, it will be necessary to divert forces to stop the threat from the north, so that Ukrainian troops do not enter Soledar. Or maybe, because Zelensky keeps throwing units in this direction. So, most likely, the pressure of the personnel units of the armed forces can go from Lisichansk to Seversk.


As we get closer to the next fortified areas, the enemy will most likely form new and new lines of defense just beyond. We observed this both during the battles for Rubizhnoye, when they entrenched themselves in Severodonetsk, and during the battles for Severodonetsk, when they fortified themselves in Lisichansk. And having returned from Lisichansk, they fortified themselves in Seversk. And so it will continue.

They will resist and resist until they prepare their next line of defense. But everything will depend on how many resources they allow to continue the offensive. Taking the line of defense running from Avdiivka to Slavyansk – Druzhkovka, Konstantinovka, Kramatorsk – this is most likely not the most immediate prospect.

The Ukrainians were well fortified on Avdiivka, and now, when we gnaw through the positions, we see that everything is poured in concrete there. They built concrete bunkers that artillery can’t take. For this reason, the units of the first corps carry out intense assault work.

By the way, not only “Wagnerites” can storm positions and cities. The first building in this one was also eaten by a dog. You can remember how they bravely took Sands, and now there are battles for Vodyanoye.

I do not know what the plans of the top leaders are, but it is obvious that even if the entire Donetsk People’s Republic is liberated, it will not be possible to completely eliminate the threat of shelling from Donetsk itself: Kyiv will undoubtedly have weapons that hit far. So it doesn’t seem to end there.

Puck Henry
Puck Henry
Puck Henry is an editor for ePrimefeed covering all types of news.

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