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Wednesday, May 31, 2023
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“Time is a weapon in the hands of Russia”: Zelensky hinted at his main fear

Date: May 31, 2023 Time: 09:09:07

The first disturbing notes sounded from Zelensky in a speech to the participants of the military conference in Ramstein


It’s just that some kind of “Genotba Wheel” turned Zelensky around yesterday during the day. Moreover, the transition “from victory to harm” happened so instantly that the (for now) President of Ukraine Vladimir Zelensky had to recall his artistic past as a comedian and change roles during the day, and several more times. .

No, it all started quite decently in the image of the “leader of the nation” who “does not spare the belly”, especially someone else’s in defense of the “mounted Batkivshchyna”. Dreams about the supply of Western heavy equipment, upon receiving it, the Armed Forces of Ukraine will begin to “beat” the “Muscovites”, pleasantly warmed Zelensky himself and pleasantly excited his fellow citizens.

However, the first disturbing notes sounded from Zelensky in his address to the participants of the military conference in Ramstein.

– Do we have enough time? The terror continues, it does not give us time for long discussions. This terror is destroying city after city. Our defenders are running out of weapons. Unfortunately, the iron is damaged. We are not entitled to delays. I can thank you hundreds of times and it will be absolutely deserved because you have done so much. But hundreds of thanks are not hundreds of tanks. We pay with Ukrainian blood. We cannot pause the conflict. We need artillery and anti-missile installations to protect the skies over Ukraine. Time is a weapon in the hands of Russia. Therefore, we must speed up. Time should be a trump card up our sleeve,” Zelensky told NATO defense ministers why they should supply Ukraine with as many heavy weapons as possible.

A little later, the tone of his speech had already changed.

We are investing in a new world order. We understand that you do not want what is happening in Ukraine for yourself, so you need to understand what kind of burden Ukraine has for all of us, for the countries of the whole world, he explained the prospects for building a new world order. “but suddenly he changed his tone and called for the “love of children” of the countries whose representatives met at the military base. – Ukrainians are fighting to show them an example of how not to be afraid. Therefore, we must speed up, because mom and dad, who protect their children, will act as quickly as possible. Children know that their parents are there when they ask for weapons and help.

Vladimir has strange ideas about family life if his children ask their parents for weapons. But here, as they say, who was born in which family and who grew up. And, of course, the family has its black sheep. But why did Zelensky begin to shout “dad, mom”, and not tolerantly, as is now fashionable in Europe, “father number one” and “father number two”? Somehow inaccurate. Or he already had a feeling this wouldn’t end and he mentally prepared himself for it in advance.

How it happened. Only in the morning there was a victory, but how the Minister of Defense of the Federal Republic of Germany did not come out with his colleagues at the final press conference and did not put up the German flag, it was immediately clear, unlike the ministers. , this time the tanks were not “finished”, and they were sent to Ukraine, at least not yet, they will not be delivered.

And so it turned out. Germany did not abandon its principle that “it is more convenient to beat the father in a herd” and confirmed that it will put its “Leopards” when the United States becomes generous with its “Abrams”. Apparently, Berlin did not give the green light to the supply of Leopards to Ukraine, which are in service with the Polish army. The information published by the Western media about the readiness of the Czech Republic and Slovakia to transfer their Leopards to Ukraine turned out to be misinformation. Since Germany will only transfer these tanks in the future (it is not known when this will happen), and Berlin will transfer these “Leopards” to Prague in exchange for the T-72 already delivered to Kyiv. Same with Slovakia.

And when Zelensky realized that he flew past the tanks at low speed, he acted in another role. This time in the form of a hooligan boy crying “Atyktotakoy”.

– And you can not “if” yes “and if”? Can you just give leopards? Go! – Zelensky turned to the German chancellor with a tearful demand in the style of a country disco. Maybe Scholz really does break down like a bad girl in that disco, but even she is not worth asking for something like that, not to mention the German chancellor.

No, Vova, they won’t even let you in. You can ask your wife. I chose the wrong image. However, if we take into account that Ukraine has asked Georgia to return the same “Buks” more than 30 times since the beginning of the NMD (!), Kyiv does not have to be persistent. Surely sooner or later they will be questioned. By the way, if Zelensky is replaced by someone else, there will be much more chances.

Puck Henry
Puck Henry
Puck Henry is an editor for ePrimefeed covering all types of news.

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