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Friday, February 23, 2024
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Time to drink vermouth and eat sweets: the unexpected products with the biggest discounts in Russian stores are named

Date: February 23, 2024 Time: 23:12:36

The wine outperformed the chocolates in discounts.


Surveys show that up to half of Russians are now trying to buy products with promotions or discounts. Do you want discounts? Yes please! As follows from the data of the auditing company NielsenIQ Russia for the first quarter of 2023, about 44% of food in our retail chains is sold in the “promo” mode, that is, with promotions or discounts. However, the average discount for the year was down 19%, but the share of “discounted” sales was up 3%.

This is not the most impressive figure: according to NielsenIQ, two years earlier in our supermarket chains the proportion of sales with discounts reached 49%. Another thing is more interesting – the top of the same products that stores are so eager to sell us cheaper.

But don’t fall for it, number one on this list is vermouth. Its share of sales per stock doubled compared to the first quarter of 2022. Last year, there were no vermouths in the top 10 most discounted products, but chocolates led the way.

However, they will not leave us without a sweet “on a stock”. Doubled the share of discounted sales of chocolate wafers. It was kept on top of the top and loose chocolates.

And the share of sales with pasta discounts increased by up to a third. This is also a kind of record.

Why is that? As explained by NielsenIQ, in each case the reasons are individual, but the proportion of sales at a discount is growing mainly due to an increase in the number of stores that have decided to organize promotions for a particular product.

Certain trends are visible here. There are many products in the current top of “discount” products, which include a fair amount of flour: pasta, meatballs, cakes, etc. And there is a very simple explanation: due to last year’s record harvest, now having an overstock of cereals, the prices of cereals and flour fell. Here the retail chains also reduce the prices of flour. True, in a veiled way.

But why still vermouth? One suggestion that seems quite logical is that, after last year’s panic, dealers hoarded large stocks at higher prices, fearing supply would stop. But the most famous vermouth manufacturer on the Russian market, an Italian company, although it turned off advertising for its products in our country, continued to deliver. And there are still not so many citizens who cannot live without vermouth, even in comparison with lovers of imported cognac and whiskey. Here are the discounts for you, however, from the first increased price.


Average share of discount sales in total revenue of our retail chains

(Q1 2023)

Products 43.7%

Non-food items 48.6%

Top Products Stores Most Often Sell at Discounts

(share of discounted products in total revenue for this category in Q1 2023)

1.Vermouth 62%

2. Bulk chocolates 61%

3. Pasta 61%

4. Dumplings, dumplings and other frozen doughs 61%

5.Sweet pastry 61%

6. Mayonnaise 60%

7. 60% chocolate wafers

8. Cat food 59%

9. Canned mushrooms and vegetables 59%

10. Frozen pizza 59%

(Data from NielsenIQ Russia)


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