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Wednesday, December 6, 2023
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Timur Khaidarov did not attend the “conciliation” negotiations: the surgeon answered why he ignored the mediator

Date: December 6, 2023 Time: 06:16:29

According to the doctor, he set a condition for negotiations: he asked to remove all negative comments from TG’s public pages and channels.

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On October 1, negotiations were supposed to take place with all parties to the conflict that broke out in the summer: the victims, the clinics and the surgeon Timur Khaidarov himself. Recall that the initiator of this meeting was Slava and Lyubov Uspenskaya’s lawyer, Elena Senina, who is also a well-known mediator. However, as we know, negotiations never took place. According to Elena Senina, Khaidarov refused. According to Timur himself, the terms of the agreement were violated.

We remind you that the mediation procedure allows you to resolve a conflict on the basis of voluntary consent and cooperation, confidentiality, equality of the parties, impartiality and independence of the mediator, without judicial intervention.

At today’s meeting, which was to take place at the European Medical Center, everyone was waiting for Timur Khaidarov, but his representative, lawyer Andrei Mamonov, came instead. Why Timur did not appear, he told KP.RU.

“For the last two days I have been “attacked” by journalists. I want to respond to everyone at once. Attack is not the right word, it rings every two minutes. It seems that everyone already knows Senina’s “confidential” meditation. She herself or her assistants called all the media. The objective is clear: they need public relations. And here the question of consumer terrorism arises again. Madam Lawyer is deliberately spreading false information. Someone reading this will want to get money.

For those who don’t know, mediation is a pre-trial resolution method. When Mrs. Elena Senina approached me to offer to participate in the mediation, I accepted without hesitation. It is important to me to solve patients’ problems, even if I am not the cause. I familiarized myself with the terms of mediation and sent applications to Senina (by the way, she established the procedure). I didn’t get a sensible answer to almost a single legitimate question. But, nevertheless, I am willing to participate in this event. But when I saw a news story on the federal television channel, where the terms of the meeting were revealed, and where for some reason it was said that I would not participate in it, I thought about it. What is all this for?

The first answer that comes to mind is that Senina needs all this solely for personal PR. She doesn’t care what happens to her clients. Her goal is to make money. And she goes to her. I won’t help you with this. But, I repeat, I have not stooped to the level of my “opponents” nor do I intend to do so. I will not insult her family or threaten her family. Only by legal means.

And yes, our representative is still ready to participate in the mediation that is about to take place. I insist once again that we are prepared for negotiations, I have said it many times publicly. The question is whether the other side is ready,” said Timur Khaidarov.

Meanwhile, Khaidarov’s lawyer Andrei Mamonov said that they are ready to participate in negotiations when a mediation agreement is signed, but this has not happened yet.


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