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Monday, June 5, 2023
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Tina Kandelaki became a mother for the third time

Date: June 5, 2023 Time: 02:37:21

Tina Kandelaki, happily married for nine years to her young husband Vasily Brovko, plunged back into mothering.

Photo: Ivan MAKEEV

Tina Kandelaki, happily married for nine years to her young husband Vasily Brovko, plunged back into mothering. According to media reports, a surrogate mother gave birth to a 47-year-old journalist son. However, Kandelaki herself neither confirms nor refutes her addition to the family. To a direct question, the KP.RU website received a short answer: “No comment.”

For the TV presenter, this child was the third: from her first marriage with businessman and artist Andrei Kondrakhin, she has adult children: 23-year-old Melania and 21-year-old Leonty. But the husband, who is 12 years younger, has always dreamed of a baby.

A couple of years ago, in an interview with Tatler magazine, the TV presenter admitted that she was thinking about surrogate motherhood.

– I have not married for the first time, I am about to turn forty-five years old, and we have no common children with Vasya. If it happens that we are not going to have children, perhaps surrogate motherhood is one of the ways to solve the problem. Although in the world of robots, technology and other innovations, as a Christian I believe in the sacrament of conception, Kandelaki then shared and prophesied that in 20 years doctors would offer women surrogacy services instead of traditional pregnancy. – Now there are not enough women who are ready to become surrogate mothers. But they will appear. This will be linked to changes in the economy. When many professions disappear due to automation, surrogacy will become popular. Recall that Tina Kandelaki met her future husband in 2008 at one of the social events, but at first they met only to work on joint projects. Only a few years later, the star saw in a colleague all her virtues.

– Many gave me, and they gave a lot. But never, not a single man in my life has given me such a feeling of comfort, care, the feeling that tomorrow will be even more interesting than today. Only with a rear like this one can’t be afraid to defy and move on, against the wishes of many, Kandelaki said of her husband.

The producer calls the secret to his happy family life… the future.

– Vasya and I have always been united by the future. We met on the idea of ​​the future and we spent all these years together for one simple reason – we always saw a common future. Love can end at some point. Children will grow up… If two people look into the future, it will never end, as long as they are alive, – Tina Kandelaki is sure.

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