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Sunday, May 28, 2023
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Touch Me: five reasons to visit the Senses Trilogy exhibition at Buro Art Gallery

Date: May 28, 2023 Time: 22:03:46

From January 19 to February 22, the BURO ALL GALLERY space hosts the exhibition “Trilogy of Feelings”. The works of its participants, the photographer Irina Kazaridi and the sculptors Dmitry Chekuchinov and Vitaly Zhuikov, are inspired by nature, natural materials and folk art. We chose five reasons why you should visit the exhibition.

Dmitry Chekuchinov

The Trilogy of Feelings project features Russian artists working at the intersection of art and object design. It should be noted that the exhibition opens at the beginning of the year, at a time when nature itself is reminiscent of pagan holidays and the mystical meeting of winter and spring is approaching. All this is in tune with the theme of the project, dedicated to the elements of nature and the beliefs of antiquity.

Dmitry Chekuchinov

The authors of the “Trilogy of Feelings”, although they approach creativity in different ways, turn to the same sources of inspiration: natural forms and textures, traditions and legends. Thus, from the common features, extraordinary works of art arise, understandable and close to anyone. You want to touch his works, feel the warmth of the wood under your hand, slide your fingers over it, feeling every curve. On the one hand, there is a sense of community with artists – tactile sensations provide an opportunity to literally feel the creative idea and understand how this or that work was formed. On the other hand, at the moment of contact, viewers seem to launch their own chain of associations, referring to the memory of their ancestors, linking it to the current technological age.

Dmitry Chekuchinov

Sculptor and object designer Dmitry Chekuchinov rethinks the Russian style. For him, folk art is not museum exhibits hidden behind glass, but living works that combine centuries-old traditions with modern design. The simplicity of the form conveys the very essence: it seems that its carved deer is about to take off, and horses with a proud bow of their necks are galloping somewhere in the distance. Chekuchinov is convinced that a toy should be sincere and kind. That’s right: looking at his Gorynych Serpent, it is impossible not to smile. And when you look at the “Polovtsian woman”, it is as if you fell into the distant past with her rituals and beliefs.

Vitaly Zhuykov

Vitaly Zhuikov’s textured works seem to have been created by nature itself and found somewhere in the thick of a forest or in a steppe burial mound. The comparison is not accidental: the sculptor uses old wood for his work, including that found in the abandoned Udmurt villages. It is itself a natural work of art, and in the hands of Zhuikov it receives its final form. Soaked in linseed oil, burned in the fire, his works are severe and filled with an almost primitive energy. Take at least items from the Wandering Poppies or Wind Eaters series – laconic, strict, as if coming out of the ground.

irina kazaridi

The play of light, the elegant curve of the neck, the tilt of the head: there is nothing redundant in Irina Kazaridi’s photographs. Rather, they focus on only one thing: the expressive silhouettes of the horses. Irina uses natural daylight and shoots at close range to create these incredible portraits with close graphic fidelity. They contain only the natural beauty of horses, and the contemplation of it is akin to meditation.


In January and February, the gallery will host 3 lectures by the famous art critic Marina Shirskaya, who will inform visitors about the creativity of Russian studies, give an overview of world trends in decorative design and teach them to understand design. of collections.

Hansen Taylor
Hansen Taylor
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