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Friday, June 9, 2023
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Travel safe for Christmas: road safety tips on the highway

Date: June 9, 2023 Time: 14:09:35


The air already smells of Christmas and, therefore, of snowfall and ice on the road. During this period of the year, trips and long car trips increase due to family visits for the holidays and winter getaways. In these months, the weather conditions change and there are precipitations and phenomena that can compromise road safety and increase the chances of suffering a traffic accident on the road.

For this reason, we must be extremely careful at the wheel, check the mechanics of the vehicle so that it does not fail us at the most inopportune moment and, above all, carefully choose the roads on which we are going to drive. Autopistas, from the Abertis group, deploys an integral device during the winter campaign to maintain the safety of all drivers who circulate on its roads.

With an approach that considers each and every one of the factors that can affect driving, during these months of the year, Autopistas follows a Winter Road Plan, with sufficient resources and action protocols, to improve road conditions and reduce accidents. risks due to snow or ice.

Surveillance, assistance and security

Thus, they have more than 80 snowplow vehicles, as well as global positioning systems to optimize routes, optimize strategic or most dangerous points and thus improve road traffic and user assistance. Other actions carried out in pursuit of road safety management are punctual signaling and recommendations through information panels and 24-hour monitoring of the situation on the roads, thanks to a modern surveillance camera system. They also have three Operations and Road Safety centers as well as a large team of highly qualified professionals with sufficient experience to react to any unforeseen event.

In order for all this great operation to work like a perfectly oiled machine, the Highways carry out drills prior to the winter months that help detect the weak points of these protocols and improve them to continue contributing to safe mobility.

However, despite all this use of technical and human resources to ensure that winter travel is safe, it is also necessary for drivers to do their part and refresh some concepts on how to drive in winter. In this sense, Autopistas strongly recommends that all citizens who are going to travel this Christmas plan their trips and find out about the state of traffic.

plan the trip

This simple gesture can avoid bad drinks on the road, such as getting stuck in the snow. Consult the DGT channels before leaving home to make sure that the snow will not close any of the roads we are going to travel and take a look at the weather forecast to be aware of what we may find on the road will be a step essential before traveling. If the conditions are very bad or bad weather is forecast, it will be necessary to consider delaying the trip.

Obviously, you have to dust off your snow driving knowledge. You have to increase the safety distance, equip the tires with chains or fit all-season wheels (always checking that they are in good condition) and drive in low gears. Preferably, it will be necessary to avoid overtaking other vehicles and leave the lane on the left free so that the snowplows can pass.

Another factor that drivers must consider is the lack of visibility. The snow is usually accompanied by fog and, in this period of the year, the rains are common. Remembering how fog lights are used, when long connections are convenient and checking that all the bulbs work perfectly will be another point in road safety.

Don’t forget to check the vehicle

In this line, before leaving on a trip it will be convenient to check that the car battery is charged, since during the winter it is common for vehicles to have a harder time starting due to low temperatures and the change of season. The same will have to be done with the antifreeze and coolant liquids. Of course, you have to make a survival kit for the car: reflective vests, V-16 lights, blankets, a flashlight, water and chargers for mobile devices will be essential objects to guarantee safety if, unfortunately, we get trapped by the snow on the road

In this case, remember that you should never leave the car and even less if there is no shelter nearby. Get in touch with emergencies, call the Autopistas Customer Service Center or give notice through its app, connect the vehicle warnings and keep calm, from the Toll Road Operations and Road Safety Centers help you resolve any incident or problem you have. In any case, Autopistas has all the means to reduce the chances that we have to interrupt our trip due to adverse weather and to be able to reach our destination safely

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