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Monday, June 5, 2023
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Trend or garbage: why Gagarina, Shayk and Utyasheva bleached their eyebrows

Date: June 5, 2023 Time: 02:07:03

Irina Shayk is not bleaching her eyebrows for the first time.

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For the new year, fashionistas now not only dye their hair, but also change the color of their eyebrows. Western stars started bleaching their brows at the beginning of the year, and this beauty trend hit us at the end of the year. White eyebrows change facial features. Very unusual, scandalous, not many decide. And those stars that sported white eyebrows quickly reverted to their “native color.” Let’s talk about the experiment.

Stylist Anvar Ochilov explained to kp.ru: “This fashion began last year among young people – light, multi-colored eyebrows. In the first half of the year, Western models and stars sported bleached brows. Now I see our artists trying on light brows. Often people change the color of their hair, and with it the shade of their eyebrows. But light eyebrows are no longer relevant. Do not bleach your eyebrows before the new year. What if you don’t like the result? It does not suit everyone. Then you will have to urgently paint, and the first few days the effect may not always be expected. At the same time, light eyebrows are very suitable for Polina Gagarina – of all our artists, she came out with the most successful image. Gagarina immediately changed – this is the effect that an artist often needs. I know that she now she has already returned her eyebrows. But if she wants to surprise the guests in the new year, then this is an effective way.

Ivleev with white eyebrows was compared to the young Pamela Anderson.

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Stylists shared with us the impression that stars (accustomed to serious makeup) are very surprised at how much the face changes after bleaching the eyebrows. The blogger and TV presenter Anastasia Ivleeva was the first to decide on such an experiment: her new eyebrows made her look like Pamela Anderson in her youth.

Gagarina applied a cream to bleach her eyebrows.

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The second was Polina Gagarina – with new eyebrows, she appeared on the spring concert poster, on a record and even in a video. And then she returned them to her natural tone. Polina joked after bleaching: “Wait for now, but not long. But fashionable, but not for long. Many of the singer’s fans staged a “riot” on social networks after such changes: “This is not Polina, a double!” Laysan Utyasheva starred in a glossy magazine with new eyebrows and now wants to return the image to the new year: “I am seriously thinking: should I bleach my eyebrows and dye my hair blond?”

Polina Gagarina new face image.

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The model Irina Shayk every two months will whiten her eyebrows, and then return the black ones; she bleaches them for work: shows and publicity photo shoots. Lady Gaga, Katy Perry, Kim Kardashian and a dozen other Western stars have already done similar experiments.

Kim Kardashian is experimenting with all the beauty trends.

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As for the shape of the eyebrows, there are two opposite threads: the thickest, the leafy and the super fine. The 90s fashion is back, and eyebrow threads are part of that fashion era. Practical and fashionable: the most natural shape of the eyebrows: just hold it by pulling individual unkempt hairs, the tail of the eyebrow should look down. Lamination of eyebrows is relevant – at home you can achieve a similar styling effect with a tube of eyebrow soap.

How to paint the eyebrows?

It’s easy: the technique is similar to coloring hair. The main thing is to follow the proportions of the clarifying powder as indicated in the instructions and control the speed of rinsing. When the desired shade is obtained, it can be washed off. There are creams to lighten the eyebrows in up to 5 shades: you can bleach them to the desired level.

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