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Sunday, October 1, 2023
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Turn an old school bus into a cute prefab on wheels

Date: October 1, 2023 Time: 13:42:40

Sometimes dreams do come true, and if not, tell 30-year-old American Jessie Lipskin, the manager, and also the owner, of this 1966 bus now turned into a peculiar prefab house on wheels. To get this great job renovating a property, you have to be patient and, let’s face it, some money. 7,000 dollars of investment to be exact, which at the real exchange would be equivalent to about 6,031 euros. And it is that, incredible as it may seem, he acquired this rustic means of transport on eBay.

After the appropriate reforms to this modular home, of course, the final budget amounts to about $70,000. It consists of about forty square meters, kitchen, bathroom, main bed and even a guest bed. And what nobody counts is that, although it may seem absurd, a very good style to decorate every corner with charm. And it is that the challenge was enormous, since the interior of this cabin was in very poor condition. The first step was to completely remove the seats, so it was necessary to hire both carpenters and electricians to carry out the conversion.

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However, the most difficult part was working on a surface since it is not always fixed. Unlike conventional houses, which always sit in the same place, the bus is not stable, that is, it moves, so every angle must be taken into account in the design. As soon as you enter, the first thing that surprises you is the large painting at the entrance that, without a doubt, gives it a more homely touch. It is followed by a long corridor that also acts as a reception, which allows access to the rest of the rooms.

How is this beautiful prefabricated house inside?

Incredible as it may seem, one of the things that took her the longest to decide that Jessie was the curtains, although seeing the result, she was clearly right. It is decorated with great taste, in white tones, which enhances the spaciousness. So much so that it does not even lack a bookcase next to the bed to store some books. But the thing does not end there because this modular home gives rise to a gigantic dressing room, which extends both to the right and to the left, revealing an enormous amount of space in which things can be stored.

And what about the kitchen? Well, it has everything you need to savor juicy dishes. For example, in the case of the fridge, it also includes a freezer that helps keep food fresh and in good condition. As for the bathroom, it’s smart.

The service has a grooved wooden floor that serves as a drainage system. In addition, the shower drain is connected to it and carries a water tank that is placed just below the bus.

Puck Henry
Puck Henry
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