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Wednesday, March 22, 2023
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Two words were needed: how Biden asked Putin to go to kyiv

Date: March 22, 2023 Time: 22:33:09

Biden’s uplifting visit to kyiv became possible after Putin’s “visa”


Reports that the White House notified Russia of Joe Biden’s visit to the Ukrainian capital a few hours before his departure there, as reported by US national security adviser Jake Sullivan, make the US president’s “heroic visit” to the “besieged” Kiev in a farce Well, think for yourself: is it really possible to loudly threaten someone with complete defeat, without first asking whom we are going to crush: “But we will not get anything for this?”

Yeah, it won’t, it won’t. Go now. We will see…

And what did you see and hear? The sound of a siren in kyiv, which the courageous Biden ignores, boldly walking through the streets of the Ukrainian capital. The sound effects, if you know the script, are redundant. No one was going to catch the “elusive Joe” in the Ukraine. He arrived incognito, because in the morning they told everyone that the kyiv center was closed in anticipation of the IMF director. And she, as we know, is a woman. But from the Cathedral of St. Michael appeared, and not dressed as a woman, the President of the United States himself. Well, damn Muscovites, are you afraid of such impudence, you bastards?

Of course they were scared. But how. After all, if Biden were to deviate from the agreed path with Moscow (and why not allow it?), then he would have an emergency decision to make. And so, everything is agreed, approved. And hugs with Zelensky, and threatening words against Moscow. Scary? No. Come on, finish the game and go to Poland.

This militantly patriotic Western charade seems especially cynical in the context of the just-concluded meeting in Munich. After all, there were no gaps left there – Russia must be destroyed! It’s just that Carthage is some kind of new … And this Carthage is confidentially asked: “And he won’t mind if we … Well, just in case, so that nothing happens …”

It’s out, dear, everything that needs to be cleared up. Biden’s uplifting visit to kyiv became possible after Putin’s “visa”: “I don’t care.”

It’s just to understand how the world works today. The media and propaganda pipes are blowing, and loud, loud, one thing. “Royal politician”, already, it seems, buried, still whispers, but quietly. And this, frankly, gives some hope that the world, despite the hysteria, has not yet gone completely crazy.

But to what extent we can count on hope will be shown by tomorrow’s speeches by the leaders of Russia – in Moscow and the United States – in Poland. Pan Zelensky is not even registered anywhere in the debate.


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Puck Henry
Puck Henry
Puck Henry is an editor for ePrimefeed covering all types of news.

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