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Friday, June 9, 2023
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Tycoon Andrew Tan debuts on the stock market to continue ‘big game’ in the brick

Date: June 9, 2023 Time: 13:48:19

The billionaire Andrew Tan stomps in Spain. His intention was to become the ‘first in the Philippines’ and he has achieved it. This Monday his socimi, Emperador Properties, made its debut on the BME Growth, achieving two milestones. The company leads the list by capitalization of the firms that have entered the index for SMEs this year, with a value of 429 million, and it is also the only one with origins in the Asian archipelago to do so that has been listed on the Spanish stock market until the date.

Tan has traveled from Manila to Madrid this Monday to celebrate the company’s stock market launch at a price of 4.2 euros per share, the same as at market close, according to ‘EP’. The businessman has taken advantage of his passage through the capital to express his commitment to the brick of this country. Especially the high value segment. His investment policy involves investing in offices, centers and commercial premises with a price of more than 100 million with the expectation of obtaining a return of more than 4%.

“The company’s strategy consists of acquiring sustainable assets that generate income, adding value to the properties through the active management of the properties for the greatest revaluation of the asset throughout the cycle”, it indicates in the IPO brochure of the aforementioned company, which integrates the Torre Emperador Castellana and the Torre Diagonal One in Barcelona.

The investor has put large cities on his radar through Grupo Emperador, the division in Spain that integrates the real estate and spirits parts, an area that earns him the nickname ‘the king of brandy’ and that brings together brands such as Fundador oTerry. However, the name of the tycoon rose to fame in Spain in 2015 with the purchase of Torre Espacio from Villar Mir, now renamed the aforementioned Torre Emperador Castellana, for 558 million. Seven years later, his valuation is around 596 million.

With a fortune valued at 2.8 billion dollars, Tan has repeatedly shown his interest in real estate in the region that one day included the Philippines among its colonies. His attraction to the ‘real estate’ was evident with the ‘return to the rescue’ of the OHL group, which led to its entry into the Torre Caleido project in 2017, the fifth in the Madrid financial district, with a 49% stake, which has been excluded from listing the Socimi.

An empire built on housing and ‘whisky’

Born in China in 1952 into a humble family, his empire is made up of a business conglomerate that is grouped under the ‘holding’ Alliance Global Group. One of the main legs on which his wealth rests is Megaworld. Founded in 1989, this group is dedicated to both construction and property management and rental, and accounts for almost a third of its source of income.

Much of the urban projects in ‘retail’, offices and housing in Manila bear the stamp of Andrew Tan, including some railway infrastructure. His portfolio is made up of assets in timeshare, hotels, offices and commercial spaces, among others, backed by the fund manager The Vanguard as the third owner with 1.22% of the capital, with data collected by ‘Marketscreener’.

Diversification represents one of the cornerstones of this business group, which ranges from tourism to fast food through a network of McDonald’s franchises in these Pacific islands. However, Alliance Global Group’s flagship is spirits, a journey in which it began in 1979 and which has made it the main beverage company in the Philippines, thanks in part to the purchase of Whyte & Mackay, the fifth largest manufacturer of ‘ whiskey scotch In the Philippines, all roads lead to Andrew Tan.

Puck Henry
Puck Henry
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