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Friday, September 22, 2023
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Tyumen residents supported the city’s only charitable foundation to help animals KXan 36 Daily News

Date: September 22, 2023 Time: 21:59:03

– In a few months, a record number of “injuries” fell into the background, and everyone needed fast and expensive help. For example, an animal was admitted very seriously and we left it in the hospital, although we always manage on our own. A hospital is expensive. Then we were given a cat with a broken jaw, tongue falling out, found by heat in a locked carrier with a note: “Name is Ash, we hope you’ll help him.” His own owner would have helped him too, just by giving him a course of penny injections of antibiotics, stopping the inflammation. The last straw was that the dog Fonda Shpilechka tore a ligament in her paw. We already have big expenses: summer is associated with an avalanche-like flow of kittens, and then there is this … So we had to announce: we will temporarily not accept new strays, we would have to feed and treat existing ones. . There was no money even for diapers, – said Ekaterina Krivolapova, curator of the fund.

A private donation was used to finance operations and buy food for a month.

But four days later, a favorable wind blew – compatriots, especially one of the Tyumen residents, supported en masse. With a private donation, it was possible to finance the ongoing operations and even buy basic food for the neighborhoods for a month. Then a large amount of the legal entity was transferred.

We all sob, and it’s not a figure of speech. I really cried with happiness: you can work in the same mode. True, only cats are ready to take now. Dogs – at a minimum: there is no free hands, – Ekaterina admitted.

But on this, the problems of the “Losers”, if they ended, then not for long. Spring, summer and autumn are the season of sadness, when not only small children, but also animals fall out of open windows. No matter how much you explain to people – close it, watch it, the situation does not change radically. Downed dogs will be added to the ice. And if there are “injuries”, expect astronomical expenses. Not from the owners, from the volunteers. Life, unfortunately, confirms almost every day: no one is responsible for Vaska, who jumped out of a specific window. It is rare for a teacher to confess: yes, mine. Most care only about the healthy, and it turns out that the sick are needed only by rescuers.

So, to continue accepting dogs, it is desirable that the foundation recruit at least 10 more curators (currently there are 25). Not anyway. These are active, responsible and, undoubtedly, even desperate people, who quickly make decisions, know how to coordinate work and, most importantly, do it regularly.

– There is a selection. Over time, a person understands whether this is his or someone else’s sphere, explains the head of Lost.

Then comes food and medicine. Don’t spend money on expensive drugs; They can remain unopened until the expiration date. It is better to ask what exactly is in demand at the moment. The same applies to nutrition.

– Yes, people did not begin to live better, but it turns out that we still have friends, there is a dynamic in the attached animals, because the main mission of “Lost” is to look for new owners in any case, and not to keep them until old age with volunteers , – sums up Katya.

In about a week, the charity will again announce a collection for current needs, hoping for a calm pace, without panic or anxiety. Behind the shoulders of those who are not indifferent is the rescue of more than two hundred animals thrown at the mercy of fate, half are still quite a few crumbs.


In order for the found animal to enter the house from overexposure, you will have to spend two thousand rubles at once: for minimal medical manipulations, a bowl, a tray, a filler. If the ward is absolutely healthy, then about a thousand rubles are spent on food every month. For special meals – up to three thousand, not counting clinic appointments as directed.

Hansen Taylor
Hansen Taylor
Hansen Taylor is a full-time editor for ePrimefeed covering sports and movie news.

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