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Friday, July 19, 2024
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UK investigates illegal registration of more than 100,000 migrants in St. Petersburg KXan 36 Daily News

Date: July 19, 2024 Time: 23:27:46

The central topic of the conversation was the situation related to migrant workers. Now the Investigative Committee is investigating the case of the illegal legalization of more than one hundred thousand foreign citizens in the city on the Neva.

Oleg Valeryevich, what is the current criminal situation in St. Petersburg in relation to immigrants?

Oleg Bobkov: In 2022, there was an increase in the number of especially serious crimes committed by migrants for murder, causing serious damage resulting in the death of the victim, in the field of drug trafficking. In the first half of 2023, this trend continues.

According to general statistics, there is a positive trend and a slight decrease in the commission of crimes by migrants on the territory of St. Petersburg, but here it should be noted that during the pandemic, the number of migrants has decreased significantly due to economic reasons, and preventive measures by law enforcement and regulatory agencies have also intensified significantly. In particular, preventive raids to detect illegal migration are regularly carried out, explanatory work in the media, including on the official sites of law enforcement agencies.

Regarding the latency of crimes committed by migrants, it is impossible to say that they are being hidden from the registry. The IC’s jurisdiction includes serious and especially serious crimes, which are very problematic to hide or solve within the diaspora.

Also, all law enforcement agencies are working together to identify all possible crimes and illegal situations. If a citizen of a foreign state is detained even for an administrative offense, the legality of her stay must be verified against her, and in the case of a misdemeanor, biomaterials and fingerprints. Sometimes these data “shoot”.

A few years ago, it was observed that the total number of crimes is decreasing, but the number of serious crimes is growing. Does this trend continue?

Oleg Bobkov: Yes, as I noted earlier, these are murders, serious bodily harm resulting in the death of the victim. But it is also often about crimes against sexual integrity, even against minors, even against their compatriots. Therefore, a criminal case was investigated against a citizen of Uzbekistan, who repeatedly committed violent acts of a sexual nature against a girl, the daughter of his friend, also a citizen of Uzbekistan.

For all serious crimes related to migrants, today we are definitely carrying out additional work: we find out the place of residence, the method of entry into the territory of the Russian Federation, and the place of work. In case of detection of accumulations of massive stay of migrants in the place where the offender or the victim lives, raids are organized there.

Now, by the way, the number of registered foreign citizens has increased again. Last year there were 1.6 million people, compared to 2021, 400 thousand more people. In the first half of this year – almost 759 thousand people.

Are “rubber” apartments common today?

Oleg Bobkov: Of course. This is one of the ways of illegal legalization of foreign citizens. The migration business is a lot of money, and those who organize these channels are trying to find support in government agencies. The groups are large, with their own hierarchy and tasks: someone is looking for labor abroad, someone is looking for places to live, and someone is engaged in paperwork.

The fact that the organized group “registered” more than one hundred thousand people in St. Petersburg, we learned as a result of the activities of the Directorate of the FSB for St. Petersburg and the Leningrad Region. Being involved in the identification of accomplices of terrorists, they discovered a channel through which such people penetrated the territory of the region: five people were expelled, they were denied entry to the Russian Federation for 35 years.

For this fact, a criminal case was initiated on the organization of illegal migration and the organization of a criminal community. 11 people are now charged in the case, including the former deputy head of the Migration Department of the Main Directorate of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of the Russian Federation for St. Petersburg and the Leningrad Region. On the scale of Russia, this is one of the largest cases, its investigation is still ongoing. According to the investigation, the organizer of the criminal plot was a municipal deputy from Kolpino. He was 38 years old when he was arrested last year.

The criminals carried out a fictitious mass search in a specially created network of hostels. Each one of them worked for no more than three months, managing to provide a “roof” for some 10,000 people who have never lived there. On the basis of a fictitious record, documents for obtaining a labor patent were prepared and medical certificates were issued. A separate group was compromised in each direction, including establishing corrupt links, and they didn’t even know each other. The cost of the turnkey legalization service was 25-30 thousand rubles per person, and the annual turnover of the group could exceed 1.5 billion rubles.

As for the citizens who illegally arrived in the Russian Federation, work is currently underway to cancel their documents.

By the way, today there are algorithms and digital programs that track the number of records. If there are too many in one direction or the other, the program can give a signal. And if it will be verified, here again the human factor comes into play.

But there are also smaller things…

Oleg Bobkov: The damage from them is also not small. Recently, a criminal case was initiated against a 35-year-old policeman, with the help of which more than two thousand people were legalized. By the way, he held a position in the service unit of the police department and had nothing to do with migration registration. But, taking advantage of his civil and official status – his concubine was only a legalized visitor – they organized some kind of business and even registered a legal entity. She, both with the help of her husband and using her position, sought out “clients”, offering legalization options to foreigners, also signed contracts with hotels and hostels on behalf of a fictitious company. Because the police officer had access to the Ministry of the Interior’s bases and could confirm the reliability of her services, each migrant was charged a higher fee. For a complete package – four thousand rubles. That is, the couple earned more than eight million rubles.

As a rule, such cases are the result of operational search activities, the work of the department of the internal security service of the Main Directorate of the Ministry of Internal Affairs, sometimes by investigative means, when we began to find out how a citizen got to the territory of the Russian Federation and how he processed the documents.

What legislative measures, in your opinion, could help in the fight against crime among migrants?

Oleg Bobkov – the chairman of the investigative committee, Alexander Bastrykin, has repeatedly spoken out about the need to introduce criminal liability for legal entities. In my opinion, such changes in the legislation will increase the liability of legal entities that organize the arrival of migrants. It would also be right to ensure that these legal entities are financially responsible for the migrants they have found. If an employee invited by a legal entity commits a crime, the company is punished with one ruble for improper control. After all, crimes are committed not only by illegal immigrants, but also by legal ones: they fight, rape and kill. Today, neither the client nor the party that arranged the labor delivery has any responsibility for this. If this were not so, then the order would be more clearly maintained. In addition, if there were a quantitative fixing, that is, it was clearly determined how many workers are needed, what specialty, in what field of activity, this would certainly also streamline the situation with migrants and contribute to greater efficiency in the actions of law enforcement agencies in this area.

In this case, by the way, the problem of internal labor migration would also be solved: it would be cheaper and more profitable to hire labor in the neighboring regions of the Russian Federation, including in terms of reputation, even taking into account the fact that immigrants are traditionally paid less.

By the way

Oleg Bobkov has been working in Saint Petersburg throughout his career. He says that the knowledge of the city, its details, the representatives of the related structures and the management team are very useful for the post of acting head of the city government.

– It is interesting to try something new for yourself, develop, grow, – he says. – In addition, in order to avoid burnout, it is necessary to change at least offices and positions.

Important question

How often do you manage to uncover crimes that are committed within ethnic groups?

Oleg Bobkov: Crimes committed by migrants in an organized way within ethnic groups are isolated. In most cases, they are associated with making profit: kidnapping a person with a ransom demand, extortion under the guise of a “roof”. The calculation is based on the fact that victims will not go to the police, for various reasons. The proportion of such crimes is constantly declining. As for “ordinary” crimes, as I said, the UK deals with cases that cannot be hidden. Therefore, we are often assisted by the heads of the diasporas, there were even situations when, according to their decision, the criminals came to us with a confession.

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