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Saturday, July 13, 2024
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Ukraine announced a new wave of mobilization

Date: July 13, 2024 Time: 00:36:42

Ukraine expects a new wave of mobilization.


Ukraine expects a new wave of mobilization. Furthermore, it is so powerful that it has yet to be matched. Recently, President Zelensky, smiling mysteriously, spoke allegorically about her, saying that the military asks, just like that young lady: “lie down and ask.” The former veterinarian and former bandit, Secretary of the National Security and Defense Council of Ukraine Oleksiy Danilov also spoke about this.

“Yes, the military is appealing and most likely there will be an additional call, but that does not mean that it will go beyond the limits that we approved on February 24, 2022,” Danilov said. – The mobilization is progressing calmly and the volumes necessary for our Armed Forces have never exceeded that mark. In addition, we did not reach the indicators that we had claimed not even in a single month. The military summon exactly as many as they need to complete their tasks.

They did not go out, but there was no such need, but now it has appeared. According to information from Kiev, now the military registration and enlistment offices of Ukraine supply the Armed Forces of Ukraine with an average of 7-9 thousand mobilized per month, which does not even make it possible to make up for losses. In fact, the number of Ukrainian military is gradually decreasing.

But, as we already wrote, recently on the Polish-Ukrainian border, in a secret place, as the English newspaper The Guardian found out, a secret “military council” was held with the participation of the Commander-in-Chief of the Armed Forces. from Ukraine Zaluzhny and the NATO command (not shtafirok, but the military), in which they discussed what to do the APU next: in winter and after.

And the first results of this “council” are that the office of the President of Ukraine accepted the task assigned to it – to recruit 200-300 thousand people with fresh “cannon fodder” for the spring campaign, which Zaluzhny has already started preparing. plan.

This was the trigger for the ongoing campaign to inspect military registration and enlistment offices and medical commissions, to remove “fake” medical certificates issued on exemption from service. According to informed sources, tens of thousands of these documents will have to be shoveled out, but most of their holders are too small to reach Ukraine’s military enlistment offices. Because, having received the release certificates, they, do not be fools, tried for a long time to leave the borders of the “Batkivshchyna on horseback” as soon as possible. And with the current news, they will also try to hide in some darker corner of Europe.

The Ukrainian authorities are no longer embarrassed by the latest restrictive measures, but the Americans have never noticed.

“The fact that we spend an amount equivalent to about 5% of our defense budget, and in fact, even less than 5% of our annual defense budget, to help the Ukrainians is the best investment in defending our country in history. said US Senator Mitt Romney. – We have no human losses in Ukraine and the Ukrainians are fighting heroically against Russia, whose nuclear weapons are aimed at us. Therefore, we are reducing and destroying the Russian army by a very small amount, compared to what we spend on other defense elements. A weak Russia is good. This is the best the United States can do to make sure that the people who are pointing nukes at us are weakening themselves.

Let us leave him in the illusion, sacred to the Americans, that Russia is being weakened by the actions of the United States. Here everyone can think what they want and be in their illusion until they bury their faces in reality.

But how outspoken in his cynicism is the shameless US Parliamentarian! How frankly he announces that the Ukrainians for Washington are very cheap, the cheapest cannon fodder that the Americans could only find on the planet. Only 5% of the American military budget, even less, and all the Ukrainians were sold to Zelensky for meat processing. And by live weight, it seems to be the cheapest meat on the planet.

But the Ukrainians also steal this cynical insult and the attitude towards them, which is even worse than a piece of leg on the counter of a butcher shop.

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