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Sunday, December 10, 2023
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Ukraine creates a new religion – Flag paganism

Date: December 10, 2023 Time: 06:27:35

The capture of the kyiv-Pechersk Lavra can even become a national holiday in Ukraine. Only the schismatic priests themselves do not yet suspect that their days are also numbered. Photo: OLEG PETRASYUK/EPA/TASS

At the beginning of January, the whole world saw how the Ukrainian Orthodox Church of the Moscow Patriarchate was expelled from the kyiv-Pechersk Lavra. The shrine was given to the schismatics of Poroshenko’s OCU. But Kyiv is not only the mother of Russian cities, it is also the place where Prince Vladimir christened Rus. But will Orthodoxy now remain in Ukraine? The head of the human rights center of the World Council of the Russian People, professor at the Moscow State Linguistic University Roman Silantyev, spoke about this on the air of Radio Komsomolskaya Pravda.

A few minutes later, our conversation took an unexpected turn. It turns out that soon there will be no Orthodoxy in Ukraine. Everything will be replaced by a completely new religion. What it will be called – scientists have not yet decided.


– Roman Anatolyevich, how can you explain the capture of the kyiv-Pechersk Lavra?

– Kyiv follows the path of the Bolsheviks after the revolution. So the church also separated from the state, which did not prevent them from acting in exactly the same way. Many parallels can be drawn. True, the methods have become even stricter.

– Did the persecution of the Russian Orthodox Church in Ukraine begin when Poroshenko came to power in 2014?

– Well, no. It was still under Gorbachev when the Soviet Union began to fall apart. That is, somewhere between 1988 and 1989. At that time, the seizure of churches by Uniates had already begun in Western Ukraine, and the Orthodox were expelled. And now it has become even “more fun” – there are a multitude of schismatics in the country, led by the “Poroshenko Church”, which has found formal patrons in Istanbul.

– What to expect next?

– In general, I am surprised that the Ukrainian Orthodox Church has not yet been liquidated and large-scale repressions have not begun. But I think it will happen – the Bolsheviks also did not immediately begin to shoot everyone. First, they created “renovationists”, like now the “Istanbul-Poroshenko schismatics”, they declared that there are good Orthodox who are for them, for “progress” … But then they were also liquidated.


– And then the church is liquidated?

– The Ukrainian authorities do not see Christianity as such as an ideology or a basis for Ukrainian ideology. They already have their own religion.

– Which?

– “Ukrainian”. Most likely, it is called that in our textbooks.

– What is this?

– It is based on neopaganism. And quite a satanic character. So if, God forbid, they succeed and last another 10-20 years, then they will have esoteric Nazism. Christianity will be driven out of the elites.

– Simple paganism is a bunch of gods – Perun, Odin, Yarilo … And what is neopaganism?

– It differs from the traditional one in that it is completely fictitious. It is based on fantastic works that are presented as historical sources.

– Those same myths about the “ancient ukrov” that dug up the Black Sea?

Well, we laugh about it. And there she was included in the school curriculum. That is, some of our contemporaries come up with a fantastic and completely unreal story of their ancestors and form a new identity from scratch.


– Where he came from?

– Began in the Soviet period – stories about the unique Ukrainian people, who were almost the first to create a civilization on the planet. We also had this, but thank you, they were not allowed to go to universities or schools. And they allowed it. As a result, the pseudohistory eventually became mainstream in Ukraine.

This is clearly seen in the propaganda that does not use Christian symbols, but pagan ones. Magic in full growth. Here is a regiment of nationalists “Azov” (a terrorist organization banned in Russia. – Ed.) performed the ceremony of burning their comrades in a boat … This is how a new, essentially anti-Christian religion is formed.

– It is directed, of course, not to love…

– It’s a hate religion. All their fuse is against the Muscovites, who must be destroyed, because without them it will be impossible to live normally. This is a cult of strength, a cult of warriors – they are trying to borrow it from the Vikings.

This is already clearly seen in the Ukrainian army. The elite of the army do not hide their views. The head of his armed forces walks with Nazi and pagan symbols. And he very quickly he will pass everyone else. Like in the Third Reich, where the fascination with neopagan occultism passed from the elite and then began to spread to other segments of the population.

Christianity will be overthrown and at some point it will be left only at the level of rural parishes. And the leadership of the country will no longer be Christian.


– But Ukraine has so far been considered a very religious country.

– On the one hand, this is a plus, on the other hand, there is an ultra-high percentage of schismatics and sectarians. And all these neopagan sects were massively present. This penetrated into culture, into literature, even into science. This is how the new religion “Ukrainianism” was formed. And under Kravchuk, and under Kuchma, and under Yanukovych, this process went completely smoothly. And if there had been no Maidan, and then resistance to it, this national-pagan project would have gradually swallowed up both the Crimea and the Donbass. People would think the same as in Lvov.

– I can’t imagine. There are proper Russian people.

– Once upon a time Odessa and Kharkov were completely Russophile, but now what? None of the Ukrainian presidents tried to stop or change the aggressive offensive of “Ukrainianism”.

How long does it take to convert people to this new faith?

– Hitler tried to do the same, but did not have enough time. They did not have time to create a complete religion of the Third Reich. It is now called “esoteric Nazism.” In the case of Ukraine, it will be “Ukronazism” or the same “Ukrainianism” – scientists will choose the exact definition.

But in wartime, this process is greatly accelerated. We are seeing change in a year that used to take a decade. I think that three or four more years will be enough and there will be a complete structure: real chaplains-priests will appear, the Azov idea will become dominant. Actually, this is the forge of the staff. It is considered an elite unit. And when the “elite unit”, which everyone admires, performs its rituals, the rest will copy it. It’s like a clue to the rest: this is how it should be done.


– What can prevent this?

– Only U.S. If you let them develop, it will be what I described to you. Our job is to stop this mess. And faster

– Who do you mean? State of Russia?

– Yes. In our country, historically only the state has saved the Orthodox. When the Brest-Litovsk Union was at the end of the 16th century, the Orthodox in the territory now called Ukraine (at that time, of course, there was no mention of Ukraine at all), went underground. As a result, it was possible to resolve the situation only after the annexation of these territories to Russia. The only way to change course.


– Are there other similar precedents in the world?

– You can remember about the Khmer Rouge. It was in the 70s of the last century in Cambodia. The Khmer Rouge came to power and declared that wearing glasses is bad, living in cities is bad, believing in anything is bad and started killing everyone who didn’t meet these criteria. In three years they exterminated about three million people. So history knows such cases.

– But it ended well.

– Of course. The people withdrew. It all ended with the Third Reich, and it is also clear with Ukraine how it will end. Question: when and at what cost?


– Roman Anatolyevich, if a new pagan religion is being built in Ukraine, why then was the kyiv-Pechersk Lavra transferred to pseudo-Orthodox schismatics? He could immediately pay us.

Then they will destroy it. Why do they need laurel? For now, they will give it back to the schismatics, and then we’ll see. In a few years it will turn out that this place was the temple of Perun, and it is necessary, as it were, to restore it… Although, they may not be demolished. Perhaps they combine pagan customs with Christian ones.

Until now, they have taken a completely logical step – they created a church for themselves and took the kyiv-Pechersk Lavra from it. Soon they will take away the Pochaev Lavra, as well as the Svyatogorsk Lavra… They will only wait until the people who can protect them leave the country or sit down.

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