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Monday, June 5, 2023
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Ukraine hastily transfers troops, Russia leads a pitched battle – the situation on the front line has changed

Date: June 5, 2023 Time: 02:18:10

Obviously, we will continue to put pressure on Artemovsk (Bakhmut). This is a very important defense center of Donbass


KP.RU military correspondent Alexander Kots analyzed the latest events in Donbass in his author’s program on Radio Komsomolskaya Pravda.

Castling with Purpose

Valery Gerasimov, chief of the General Staff, became the commander of the joint grouping of Russian troops in the NVO area. Previously, this position was held by Sergei Surovikin, commander of the VKS. And that’s what got me hooked.

From the beginning of the special operation, all its planning is the General Staff, this is Gerasimov.

At the same time, the very concept of the “Joint Group of Forces” and its commander appeared only in October 2022. Then Surovikin appeared, who inherited a very difficult situation. It is clear that he could no longer take and deploy troops, without blood, and go on the offensive.

Sergei Surovikin. Photo: Mikhail Metzel/TASS

Surovikin faced a difficult task – to stabilize the front and pour the first mobilized forces into battle formations. It was not easy everywhere. Where there is an initiative commander, where he understands that he has to carry out a combat mission with these people, everything is in order. They try to dilute the mobilized with fighters who have fought, who can pass on their experience, teach something, give advice somewhere. But, unfortunately, such enterprising commanders are not everywhere. Today the story is heard of how the mobilized were thrown from prepared positions unawares, where there is frozen water in the trenches, there are no bourgeois women. But, having gone through the entire contact line, I argue that there are orders of magnitude more positive examples than negative ones.

They try to dilute the mobilized with fighters who have fought, who can pass on their experience, teach something, suggest somewhere



Let’s go back to “castling” in command of the NWO. Still, Surovikin was not completely independent, he still coordinated decisions with the General Staff. And sometimes such a situation can arise when Surovikin wants one thing, and the General Staff tells him: no, let’s do it differently. And this is the dual power situation.

And now, after all, the final decision rests with the Chief of the General Staff, he is involved in military operations. Surovikin, apparently, will be the emissary of the NWO commander “on the ground”, in the troops. Because the chief of the General Staff is unlikely to be constantly in the battle zone, and Surovikin will be his right hand. It doesn’t matter if it’s a promotion or a promotion, actually nothing changes in the military decision-making system, it’s just that now Gerasimov will take full responsibility for the course of the NMD. If we have any success, he will be the father of these successes, if we have problems, there will be no one to blame but him. In this sense, we have made sense.


Officially, we were told that the personnel changes are due to expanding the tasks of the special operation. I do not think that it is about geographical expansions, at the expense, for example, of Belarus. Although we see that immediately after the appointment of the commander of the Ground Forces Oleg Salyukov as another deputy commander of the Joint Forces Group in the zone of special operations, he arrived in Minsk. Perhaps this is part of the Chief of the General Staff’s plan for this winter campaign. Because it is obvious that Ukraine cannot stop reacting to this. You cannot ignore the transfer of our units to Belarus. Part of the reserves that could be used in an offensive in the South, Kyiv is simply forced, according to the laws of military science, to transfer to the North. That is, Ukraine relieves its pressure in the Donbass by stopping the hypothetical threat from Belarus. And we, I hope, should take advantage of this.

Ukraine cannot ignore the transfer of our units to Belarus.



According to Soledar, Kyiv is now at the “acceptance” stage. Ukrainian military journalist Butusov reports that the city is truly lost. But the spokesman for Zelensky’s office, Arestovich, has yet to explain to the audience why this is a “peremoga” (victory in Ukrainian). Can the Armed Forces of Ukraine counterattack Soledar? Yes, but we understand that for this they need serious forces, they need to be knocked out from somewhere. There are no fools sitting in Kyiv, but there is a confrontation between Zelensky’s PR and the military thinking of the commander of the Armed Forces of Ukraine Zaluzhny. If he wins first, there will be a bloody and failed attempt to retake the city. If it is the latter, Ukraine will accept the loss of the city.

In any case, Soledar fulfilled its role both for our troops and for Kyiv. We crushed a large amount of enemy manpower in this meat grinder, inflicting a defeat comparable to Mariupol. And Ukraine, under the guise of this, drew new types of weapons from the West – Bradley infantry fighting vehicles and Leopard tanks.

According to Soledar, Kyiv is now at the stage of “acceptance”


Let’s not be capricious. The more tanks they get, the bigger the problem for us. Yes, these tanks were used by the same Turkey in the Syrian conflict against the Islamic State (the organization is banned in the Russian Federation). And ISIS quite successfully burned these tanks. That is, it is not about invincible machines that will crush our defenses. No. But they, of course, can drink blood for us.


And after Soledar? Obviously, we will continue to put pressure on Artemovsk (Bakhmut). This is a very important defense center of Donbass. One of the most important. In fact, now, with the release of Soledar, we have taken him by force. We must go to the routes leading to Kramatorsk and Slavyansk, that is, we cut off all the remaining supply routes to Artemovsk. Here is a big cauldron. After Artemovsk, we are already reaching the axis from Avdiivka to Slavyansk, where, most likely, the general battle will take place.

Obviously, we will keep putting pressure on Artemovsk.



I think we are too liberal with them. Look at Zelensky. He wanted-deprived of the citizenship he considered necessary. You can do this according to the Constitution, you cannot: he took and took away the passports of Medvedchuk and his associates. He wanted, right on Christmas night, he deprived 13 Orthodox priests of his citizenship, absolutely not looking at any reaction from the West, what human rights defenders would say, etc. We don’t care what the West thinks of us. We understood very well everything about this West. This West is now working to destroy Russia. Including the hands of parasites, who have established themselves as creative individuals, have accumulated their capital thanks to our country, and now from a prudent distance they throw dirt on my homeland.

At the same time, Grebenshchikov himself says that “it is impossible to deal with these cannibals, they are crazy, crazy, they arranged a massacre in the center of Europe.” Listen, do you remember how you played the guitar for Mikheil Saakashvili, who killed Russian peacekeepers from a tank with direct fire? For some reason, you don’t think of him as a cannibal who started a war in the center of Europe.

Therefore, it seems to me that strict measures can be applied to treasonous artists, deprive of awards and create such an atmosphere in society when it is unprofitable for grabber managers, nightclub owners to invite Valery Meladze to a corporate party. . Equalization: about Khabensky, who fired the actor Nazarov and his wife from the theater for his obscene anti-Russian songs.

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