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Wednesday, May 31, 2023
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Ukraine takes revenge for everything: for the defeat in Soledar, for Donetsk. And most importantly – for the inability to earn

Date: May 31, 2023 Time: 06:23:59

I came to Donetsk in the last month

Photo: Dmitri STESHIN

It is indecent to travel to Donetsk in an empty car. Mine was loaded under the roof, I put the last bundles, pressing with my knee. The sniper “Moskva” returns to the front with me, he was released for a few days in a peaceful life for quadrocopters with thermal imagers – he was bought by good conscientious people. They also bought special cloaks for snipers to hide from thermal imaging cameras, heated vests powered by power banks, first aid kits, and many, many necessary items including hot masala tea and Alenka chocolate. The wife of my colleague, a special correspondent for KP, knitted 10 pairs of woolen socks over the holidays and put a pack of good cigarettes in each one. I bring… soap. My brother is a soap maker, he has a serious production-less than 100 thousand units of products per month. My brother made a special antiseptic coniferous soap for the medical unit of the Vostok battalion. Therefore, the car smells strongly of a pine forest on a hot summer day. Tatyana from Gomel, a listener of my broadcast on the KP website, delivered a 12-kilogram box of condensed milk to scout Lis and his unit to sweeten the boys’ lives, and two devices for treating colds, the main winter problem. trenches. Devices are made in Belarus, not China, and this fact slightly offends me.

KP.RU military correspondent Dmitry Steshin returned to his small homeland, to Donetsk, which became his hometown.

Photo: Dmitri STESHIN

The border with the DPR is now administrative. Opened three doors in the car, the customs officer randomly touched the green bag: “What is this?” There were my personal things. They did not open it, they took our word for it, and we drove on: five minutes of crossing the border is the record for my last nine years in the Donbass.

life indeed

“You don’t recognize the city,” “Moscow” explained to me on the way, “he got it in the last month.

“Moskva” did not usually go out to Donetsk from the front line, but tracked the changes. Sunday are visible, but the roads are empty. Revival only near hypermarkets. The center, its main geographic coordinate, Pushkin Boulevard, has become extinct. In the center of the boulevard, along the alleys, people try not to walk, they huddle against the walls. The patio of the house where I now settled was always full of cars. Donetsk “Golden Mile”, offices around. But, after another series of bombardments of the center, all the employees, by decree of the performance. The heads of the DPR were transferred to remote work, and the wealthy residents of the city went on their own. And it turns out that I arrived.

Ukraine takes revenge on everything

Photo: Dmitri STESHIN

There is no water in the Center at all.

– They gave me for the holidays, – the landlord tells me, my old friend, since I was 14 years old. Rostislav proudly comments:

But you will have water. And the washing machine will work both in the toilet and in the shower.

I don’t believe yet. I eat? But, the kitchen has a fantastic design. Half ton plastic water tank. An electric pump is hidden under the kitchen table, and polypropylene pipes stretch throughout the apartment.

– Where does the water in the tank come from?

– I drove a car with a tank to the curb, stretched the hose out the window. By the way, the water is not drinkable. It is decontaminated and nothing else. You can wash. If you save, it will take two or three palms a day (shows the level in the tank).

I am experiencing a cultural and technical shock and at the same time proud of my inflexible compatriots. I touch the batteries, they are hot. OK right.

Saying goodbye, I tell Rostislav the good news. The entire border area near Uspenka is teeming with trucks: they carry one-meter-diameter pipes for a water conduit. On the DNR side, same thing. A framework for a huge pumping station has already been installed, and they are working even on Sunday. There will be water!

The face of my interlocutor is impenetrable. Donetsk, any changes are perceived only after the fact. I think this is a consequence of life in the city, where a projectile can fly to any corner, every second. Reality corrected the perception of the world. And nine years is enough for a flash. Until the shell arrives, we live. It arrived, what luck. Or not.

Photo: Dmitri STESHIN

“relative” duty

I don’t stay in the Center. I throw things around the apartment in order to lighten the overloaded car at least a little. Ahead is the fierce impassivity of the advanced, I hope it freezes. Twenty minute drive around town, a family forest plantation, carefully creeping along the frozen ruts of the tank and getting a mortar shot literally over my ear. I’m sighing

– Again, honey, it almost happened. As soon as I don’t get to you, in this forest plantation, a mortar shoots me in the ear.

Moscow laughs:

– Not only you! According to my many months of observations, they are especially waiting for the car to leave.

But, the mortar hits and hits. “Moscow” is downloading quickly, I see it in a hurry. Nobody helps him, the boys are in positions. He tells me to turn the car around. I ask:

– Where does the mortar hit?

– According to the fur farm in Maryinka. Come on, come on, don’t stay here.

Grad connects to the mortar and I realize that there is nothing to do here without a special need. We hastily parted.

In the yard I hide the car under the wall of the house and go to the store. I gave two thousand rubles, but I did not understand what I bought with them. A piece of sausage, a piece of cheese, two homemade pizzas, milk, bread and a few little things. Drinking water. The prices are higher than in Moscow, and I honestly don’t understand why they didn’t collapse with the removal of the borders. Nobody understands. We can say that this is a rhetorical question of all compatriots from Donbass.

Photo: Dmitri STESHIN

“Revenge for Everything”

In the morning I woke up arrivals, the house shook. Automatically I look at the clock – 8.40 in the morning.

Allegedly, “Himers”, several pieces, ended up in a shopping center on Ilyich Avenue. This avenue is the busiest road at the entrance to Donetsk, there are even traffic jams. The Armed Forces of Ukraine chose this time not by chance. I quickly get up and leave. Ten minutes by car, everything is close. Only one outer wall of the mall remains.

Allegedly “Himers”, several pieces, came to the shopping center on Ilyich avenue.

Photo: Dmitri STESHIN

A twisted and dusty Korean SUV. Nearby is an old man, with a bandaged head, already dried blood clots on a sweater: he cut himself with glasses. I ask the most important thing

– Is the engine intact?

– Target, target. It even starts up.

Not much to tell my namesake. Retired military, by age and state of health. I was driving to work, there was a flash, the car was crushed, but it did not roll over. Dmitry believes that Ukraine is taking revenge on Donetsk. For all. For the fact that I once rebelled, for Soledar, for reaching a tall building in Dnepropetrovsk. Although it’s not our fault, who cares on the other side of the front? “Revenge” is the common opinion of all who have gathered near these smoking ruins.

Photo: Dmitri STESHIN

A woman approaches us. My name is Elena, a systems engineer, retired.

– Do you see the Press shop? I had a friend who worked there. But a friend has a day off today and her shift was late for work. And she saved herself and she saved people, they usually open at 8 in the morning. The second birthday, what can I say … But the “Pharmacy” was not lucky.

While Muscovites talk about the weather, we talk about the bombing. The Kalininsky district was shelled only in 1914, after a long break until December last year, when the Ukrainian Armed Forces designated the Kalinin hospital as a target. Firefighters pour water over the rubble. “Silent mode” has already been announced several times, but no one has responded. On the edge of the dirty road are the relatives of the missing girl, she was definitely in the building. I don’t even go near them, I don’t have the strength to torture these people. Especially when there is still hope.

Puck Henry
Puck Henry
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