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Saturday, April 1, 2023
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Ukraine was offered to pay for US weapons: kyiv was stabbed in the back from across the ocean

Date: April 1, 2023 Time: 23:12:50

Concerns have intensified in Washington over the high cost of arms supplies to kyiv.


“How do you think it will all end?” – Such a seditious question about the conflict in Ukraine was raised, do not be surprised, in the US Congress. There, in two committees at once, on budget appropriations and on the military, lawmakers asked senior Pentagon officials very impartial questions about how to help Kiev, The New York Times reported. What doubts can the United States have about Zelensky’s victory? After all, Biden already proclaimed it last week in kyiv and Warsaw! It turns out that there are doubts, and some more…

The congressional hearings, the American newspaper writes, “showed how fears on Capitol Hill about the high cost of delivering arms to Kiev have intensified” and “threatened a strong bipartisan consensus” in support of Ukraine. And this will consequently make it more difficult for the US administration to get approval from Congress, which plays a major role in financial decisions, to allocate funds for military assistance to Zelensky.

And that’s not all. You never know what congressmen “watched” for, doubting is their job. For the White House, something else is bad: “The tipping point in funding could come this summer, several months earlier than expected,” concludes The New York Times. “So, what’s next? – Congressmen tormented Pentagon officials. – Can you say how many more times Congress will have to make decisions about aid (Ukraine)? But representatives of the military department faltered and shied away from direct answers about when and how much additional assistance they would request for Kiev.

And doubts, as you know, give rise to sedition, sometimes completely unexpected. And already the US Deputy Defense Minister Kahl began to doubt the victory of kyiv. In Congress, the number of bipartisan lawmakers in favor of delivering F-16 fighter jets to Ukraine tripled last week. Therefore, a Democratic congresswoman from Pennsylvania asked why the training program for Ukrainian pilots has not started yet. Like, we’re just wasting time. And how did the Vice Minister respond?

US Assistant Secretary of Defense Colin Kahl.


“Mr. Kahl insisted that he would save no time,” we read in The New York Times, “estimating the minimum training time for Ukrainian pilots at about 18 months, which is also the shortest projected time for the Pentagon to send F -16″. ” And then the deputy minister suffered a complete heresy: “There is no point in starting to teach them (Ukrainian pilots) a system that they may never get.” What did he mean? Why can’t Kiev see American fighters as his own ears? Or did he hint that Zelensky would deal with Moscow in a year and a half without fighter planes? Or maybe he thinks, even if he is ashamed to think about it, that in 18 months there will be no one to supply planes?

Let’s not speculate about congressmen. In political terms, everyone is in favor of Ukraine’s victory. But when it comes to money, they start thinking about more than just slogans. “Where’s the money, Zin?” – this is the question that torments American legislators. “Record levels of military aid require an unprecedented level of congressional oversight,” one of the congressmen was quoted as saying by The New York Times. Funds earmarked for military assistance to kyiv, including the $45 billion package adopted late last year, are running out too fast. This money was supposed to be enough until the end of this September. But remember what the newspaper predicted: “The tipping point in funding could come this summer…”

In a word, wherever you throw it, everywhere there is a wedge. For Kyiv, of course. What, tell me, did Celeste Wallander, the Under Secretary of Defense for International Security Affairs, propose in the same hearings? Ukraine, they say, must itself pay for the weapons supplied to it … Are there only Putinists left there, in the Pentagon? See what sedition the assistant to the head of the US military department led: “We need (the Ukrainian government) to start planning their own defense spending and everything else we will do to support them.” Is this also from the Kremlin “temniki”? Moreover, it turns out that congressmen also talk about them: “It will be of great importance to American taxpayers if Ukraine starts buying weapons itself, and not receiving them for free.” He was sidelined at the hearing by Republican Mike Garcia.

And The New York Times itself draws some strange conclusions: “Rising costs and a lack of detailed information have fueled the determination of several skeptics (among lawmakers – Ed.), who this week redoubled their efforts in the campaign to declare the Ukraine aid program a failed enterprise clear unspoken blessing from party leaders”…

But, what about the formula “we will help in everything that is necessary”? And what about Biden’s fiery speeches to the glory of kyiv’s impending victory over Moscow? The format, it seems, may soon change: “Any profit for his money!” And that the $113 billion allocated last year for US military, economic and humanitarian aid to Ukraine will also have to be returned? Nobody expected such a blow in the back to kyiv from the other side of the ocean…

Puck Henry
Puck Henry
Puck Henry is an editor for ePrimefeed covering all types of news.

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