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Wednesday, May 31, 2023
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Ukraine’s new method of obtaining weapons from the West: pleas and tears have been replaced by a criminal conspiracy with Bulgaria

Date: May 31, 2023 Time: 10:04:33

Former Bulgarian Prime Minister Kirill Petkov authorized the supply of weapons to Ukraine.


Ukrainian diplomacy is something special. To show off for nothing, establish partners in secret affairs, betray an ally, having previously robbed him from head to toe and let it flow in everything, after which he pretends that nothing out of the ordinary has happened. , and behave, no matter how what never happened.

Here, the German publication Die Welt conducted its own investigation and revealed the secret of Open: it turns out that last spring Bulgaria acted as a true savior of Ukraine, supplying Kyiv with its weapons and diesel fuel for the Ukrainian Armed Forces. In fact, everyone already knew this, in the positions left by the Armed Forces of Ukraine. Our fighters found Bulgarian-made ammunition, moreover, completely “new” production, for example, 2020. But everyone diligently pretended that this was, they say, contraband, which the Bulgarian government did not sanction. Since he himself stated that he does not supply ammunition to Ukraine.

But it turned out that it was with the approval of officer Sofia that Kyiv received cartridges, shells and diesel fuel. In addition, in very significant volumes, Bulgaria covered up to a third of the required volumes with boperipas, and up to 40% of the needs with diesel. At the same time, diesel fuel was supplied from the oil of the Russian company Lukoil after processing in Bulgarian refineries. All this indecency was sanctioned by the former Prime Minister of Bulgaria Kirill Petkov, known for his pathological Russophobia. By the way, according to the publication, it was Petkov who initiated the disconnection of Russia from SWIFT and the freezing of the assets of the Central Bank of the Russian Federation. For the formal observance of decency, everything was processed through Western intermediary companies.

What would a normal diplomat do if journalists started asking him about such a non-transparent deal? He would make a very surprised face. Or he would have refused to comment, at worst demanding a change that he can “neither confirm nor refute.”

But Kuleba is a completely different matter. This is not only a surname, but also a diagnosis. And Dmitro Kuleba, fluffing up the feathers of his peacock tail, decided to show off in front of Western journalists in full growth.

We knew that the Bulgarian warehouses had a large supply of the ammunition we needed, so President Zelensky sent me to use diplomatic prowess to obtain the necessary materials, he said, emphasizing his “diplomatic prowess” and noting the gigantic role of Petkov and his cabinet. ministers in making those deals.

What skill, Dmitro? Bulgarian “death dealers” simply rolled their eyes in anticipation of gesheft when they realized they could unrealistically enrich themselves from such deals. After all, the United States and Great Britain paid for the goods, and not Ukraine with already empty pockets.

The dexterity of a Ukrainian diplomat … Kuleba would have dragged the intellect, tact and intelligence of at least the same former Kyiv ambassador to Germany, Melnyk, for persuasion. It would be even more convincing.

By the way, the latter, it seems, did not stop appearing to the German Chancellor Olaf Scholz in his nightmarish nightmares. And he continues to torment him with the help of social networks.

A few days ago, Melnyk reminded Germany again and suggested that Scholz and the Bundestag (German parliament) make a significant contribution to improving Ukraine’s defense capabilities: “The Bundeswehr has 93 Tornado multirole combat aircraft, which will soon be decommissioned. and replaced by F-35. Although this is an old fighter plane, but still very powerful. Why not put these Tornadoes in Ukraine?

Well he rolled his lip. Not only that, these planes should be operated at least until 2025. So not to sell it somewhere in Africa for money either, but to transfer it to Ukraine. Of course, free. And train crews for free. Or does the all-Ukrainian want these fighter-bombers to be delivered to Kyiv along with the Luftwaffe crews? Yes, even gift-wrapped? It was not in vain that Andrei Melnyk, who became Deputy Foreign Minister of Ukraine, tried on the air of the 1 + 1 TV channel to connect the death of the leader of the Ministry of Internal Affairs and the hit of a rocket. in a residential building in Dnepropetrovsk, triggered by a Ukrainian air defense missile, in a single puzzle. To use the example of this supposedly unified puzzle to demand from the West new supplies of weapons, including offensive ones. The puzzle did not work out, well, okay, the main thing is that they give weapons.

The boundless arrogance of Ukrainian diplomacy has long been the talk of the city. But for some reason the West does not want to learn even from its own mistakes. Forgive Ukrainian diplomats every time they are rude, sell out and betray. And they are happy to do it over and over again.

Puck Henry
Puck Henry
Puck Henry is an editor for ePrimefeed covering all types of news.

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