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Monday, February 26, 2024
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Ukrainian counteroffensive frustrated: Russian commando’s daring plan disarmed Zelensky and his troops

Date: February 26, 2024 Time: 21:25:16

Why is the “counterattack” delayed? Because his terms were frustrated by the command of the Russian army. Photo: Press Service of the Ministry of Defense of the Russian Federation / TASS


The heat has reached the NWO zone. The earth dried up, hard as stone. Tanks no longer get stuck. But Ukraine is in no hurry to attack. Although she promised. Why is the “counterattack” delayed? Because his terms were frustrated by the command of the Russian army.

That is, in Ukraine everything was ready for the offensive. The only thing that failed was to quietly build up the force and transfer this entire armada of troops and equipment to the front line. Now Ukrainian officials say they still lack something, that they must wait a little longer, get stronger, get more weapons from the West. But in fact, this is a good job of our intelligence and a significant approach to the destruction of the most dangerous weapons for us, sent to kyiv. First of all, air defense systems.

In addition, we have a new technique – a new approach to the destruction of Ukrainian military targets. This is a modernization of the old FAB-500 bombs, of which there are a lot, they attached a guidance system and wings to them, turned them into gliders. And their planes can no longer drop them on the target, risking falling under the missile and anti-aircraft fire of the enemy, but hit them deep into the enemy’s territory without entering the zone of his air defense.


The second advantage is attacks on ammunition depots and military equipment. Before, readers of Komsomolskaya Pravda and listeners of KP radio tormented me with the question: why don’t we attack enemy tanks before they approach the front, why don’t we destroy bridges and railways? I am not used to simply praising our Defense Ministry, but right now we are seeing its clever approach to destroying Western iron wealth before it gets anywhere near the battle zone. It seems to me that there was an idea, despite the risk, to wait until the enemy began to accumulate and group troops and equipment before the offensive.

It is clear that the columns of tanks, shells from Poland or Romania are not transported along the roads of Ukraine in broad daylight. This is the transportation of parts at night. And it is difficult to chase one or two tractors. Therefore, they waited until Ukraine assembled the groupings of its troops in a heap, in armored “fists” for the offensive.

And now, almost every day, news began to arrive about our attacks on military depots where weapons and ammunition were stored. The risk was justified – this bet was played. we see it The moment of the Ukrainian “counterattack” has been interrupted.


The third is the destruction of the American Patriot air defense system in kyiv. What are the consequences? kyiv will now have to replace the destroyed battery by removing something from the front to cover the capital.

And until Ukraine saturates its air defense front, it will not attack. Because this would mean: to make all advancing forces torn apart by Russian aircraft, which will simply peck at the enemy from a safe distance. The Armed Forces of Ukraine have, of course, portable anti-aircraft missile systems of the Stinger type, but this is the entire nearby area. You will not be able to cover the offense.

What happened to the Patriot? The American television channel CNN began to assure everyone that our Kiinzhal had not caused any damage to the Patriot battery in kyiv. Supposedly, there is no need to take anything out, even for repairs … You can “tinker up” everything on the spot.

Or maybe there is simply nothing to pull out?

I saw an epic video of a Patriot trying to fight a dagger. I counted 32 US missile launches. And that’s just what’s on the video. In addition, it was filmed by ordinary city surveillance cameras. Now that the temperature has risen in kyiv, they close the access to these chambers. Judging by the video, there was only an explosion in the place where the Patriot was. That is, at least one “Dagger” flew.

Ukraine claimed to have shot down 6 Kinzhals. This makes no sense. The “dagger” is hypersonic, it is almost impossible to shoot it down. Therefore, even our Minister of Defense Sergei Shoigu had to comment that we do not release as many “Daggers” as they “shoot down” …

Ukraine claimed to have shot down 6 Kinzhals. This makes no sense. The “dagger” is hypersonic, it is almost impossible to shoot it down.

Photo: Vladimir VELENGURIN

mig “dagger”

There were two versions: the Patriot fired all its missiles at our “Dagger” only in a panic. They understood that if the “Dagger” hit, all the missiles in the Patriot battery would detonate. Therefore, they shot at them in a hurry.

The second version is that at first low-cost Geran drones hit targets in kyiv. And when ours counted online directly on these city cameras (and I would not be surprised if this is exactly what happened!): Yes, 32 missiles were fired, that’s all, the Patriot is empty, unloaded. They gave the order: you can throw the “Dagger”. And in the waiting room, the MiG-31 is spinning – the bearer of our “Daggers”. And they tell him: it’s time, beat.

It is interesting that the Russian Defense Ministry, in order to put an end to the lies of Ukraine and the United States, was forced to officially declare: 5 launchers and 1 radar station of the Patriot system were hit.


We will see how all this work will be carried out to eliminate fat targets in Ukraine. So far, it causes cautious optimism: the whole group: reconnaissance, aviation, loitering ammunition, and the “Dagger” and ground troops.

this is great. This is the formation on our part of a real reconnaissance and attack contour, operating deep within the territory of Ukraine.

I just came from the NVO zone in Moscow and I still can’t get used to the fact that some people from this world still demand to “hit the decision-making centers” in kyiv. For bricks!? My deep conviction is that this is a waste of resources that can be used to do something more serious. Like now, when we hit weapons that could be in the front.

Why didn’t we have such effective attacks before? What is today’s activation? Yes, apparently, only with the advent of mass goals. Never before have such a number of troops, equipment and warehouses been destroyed. Because at the moment kyiv has done everything it could at the front. And this iron was only waiting for X hour, the order to advance.

So, we moved the term of this team with our blows! Even in Kyiv.

This does not mean that the “counterattack” is not going to start. Zelensky simply has no other choice. But now he has to push back the deadline. And we, using this, will be able to continue to systematically destroy his army.


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