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Thursday, March 23, 2023
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Ukrainian saboteurs in the Bryansk forests followed the bloody path of Ichkeria* terrorists. Even the sponsors have not changed.

Date: March 23, 2023 Time: 02:07:05

The first thing that comes to mind is the entry of UkroDRG into the Bryansk region, a sign of Bandera’s despair.


The first thing that comes to mind is the entry of UkroDRG into the Bryansk region, a sign of Bandera’s despair. Bahmut almost fell. The Armed Forces of Ukraine are already leaving on foot, and the main speaking leader of the Ukrainian Bakhmut group with the call sign “Magyar” has “liberated” himself from the swollen bag. Today, for example, another bridge was blown up at Bakhmut in a desperate attempt to delay the advance of Russian attack planes. Logically, the “Bryansk saboteurs” should have taken hostages and demanded peace negotiations, in the same way that the leaders of the Ichkeria robbers * acted. Without this, the event in the Bryansk region did not make any tactical or strategic sense. We went in, we took pictures, we killed people, we hurt a child, we left quickly. So that? To probe: are high-profile sabotage raids like “Basaevsky” or “Radevsky” possible today? Thanks for the lesson. We found out that we need to strengthen the border in this place. Dear knowledge, I hope it will be implemented.

Ukraine needs to show with all its might that it is capable of something, albeit quasi-partisan, in order to console the patrons of all this bloody carnival. Money is given to Ukraine for the war with Russia, at least there will be no media victories, there will be no financing.

Ichkerian terrorists* once faced the same tasks.

It ended with Beslan. I got to Beslan from Grozny two hours later, I didn’t miss anything… So, it was the mass sacrifice of children in Beslan that ended the war in the North Caucasus. Supporters and patrons began to quietly back away from the geeks. What happened in a small Ossetian town was outrageous for everyone: for the child-loving traditional Caucasian society, and for us, and even for the West.

For the fighters for Ichkeria*, sitting in a green forest under a green banner, the effect of Beslan was unexpected. Although the targets seem to have been chosen correctly: Christian children. I do not help.

After Beslan in the Caucasus, it became simply nonsense to deal with militants and their accomplices. And at that time there were quite a few of them, and only this explained the elusiveness of Basayev or Khattab. Police and local officials warned of special operations. Volunteer “helpers” passed the necessary information to the “forest” people, fed them, hid them, washed them, led them through the mountains and forests.

But after Beslan, the guerrilla war in the Caucasus collapsed. It is impossible without the support of the population, and if people turn around, horrified by what they have done, realizing the senselessness of what is happening, it is a sure end to partisanship. The last wave was the bloody and failed capture of Nalchik by bandits in 2005. More clandestine bandit did not carry out major operations.

The worst thing is that history teaches nothing, especially for Bandera. There is no doubt that the worse Ukraine’s position on the front line, the more what is happening will shift into the realm of pure terrorism.

I wouldn’t relax, I wouldn’t expect there to be no more raids like this. But we can prevent them, understanding now the approximate development of the facts and without forgetting the experience of recent history. There, even the sponsors of the attacks have not changed, all the same our “well-being”.

* The Chechen Republic of Ichkeria is a banned terrorist organization in Russia

Puck Henry
Puck Henry
Puck Henry is an editor for ePrimefeed covering all types of news.

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