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Friday, June 9, 2023
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Unlike all alcohol: what will happen to the body after a glass of beer, explained the doctor KXan 36 Daily News

Date: June 9, 2023 Time: 15:07:50

According to the specialist, beer is really different from all alcohol.

“All alcohol, except beer, is absorbed at the exit of the stomach in the duodenum and immediately passes to the pancreas and liver. Beer is the only alcoholic beverage that reaches the intestines, favoring fermentation. For a person with a healthy intestine, beer like this has a beneficial effect. As recent studies by American scientists have shown, it does not matter which beer is alcoholic or non-alcoholic,” said the doctor.

But if a person has a diseased intestine, then beer aggravates the situation and provokes the formation of gases, bloating and other consequences that provoke an inflammatory process.

Earlier, cardiologist, candidate of medical sciences Anna Korenevich, speaking about the most harmful alcohol for the heart, singled out beer. According to the specialist, this drink is mistakenly perceived as “light and safe.” The fact is that beer foam contains cobalt, the excess of which overloads the heart. Also, the foam saturates the blood with carbon dioxide, which causes varicose veins. Also, drinking beer is associated with the destruction of brain cells and hormonal disturbances.

A glass (150 grams) of wine can be considered a safe dose of alcohol for the body, provided that the concentration of the drink does not exceed 4-5 degrees, said the chief narcologist of the regional Ministry of Health, the Honorable Doctor of Russia Vladimir Karpets. said before. However, most doctors agree that there is still no safe dose of alcohol. This is always a health risk that a person takes by drinking alcohol.

Hansen Taylor
Hansen Taylor
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