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Friday, July 12, 2024
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“Urgant has little chance of returning to the screens”: will Solodovnikov’s film “In a Dream You Wept Bitterly” with the participation of the showman be banned?

Date: July 12, 2024 Time: 16:37:04

Ivan Urgant.

Photo: Boris KUDRYAVOV

Let us remind you that on April 7, the closed-door premiere of Nikolai Solodovnikov’s film “In a dream you cried bitterly” took place in Moscow, where Ivan Urgant played the main role. After the film’s release, there was talk that Urgant would soon return to the screens. However, social activist Vitaly Borodin has already asked Culture Minister Olga Lyubimova not to issue a distribution certificate for Solodovnikov’s film.

“We believe that actor Ivan Urgant, director Nikolai Solodovnikov and film producer Alexander Sokurov are Russophobes known for their anti-Russian stance, and Solodovnikov is generally the husband of foreign agent Katerina Gordeeva,” said Vitaly Borodin, head of the Federal Project of Security. and Anticorruption.

Let us remember that after the start of the military operation in February 2022, Urgant and his family left Russia. It is true that he later said that it was a vacation and that he had no intention of leaving forever. Since then, Iván has disappeared not only from the screens, but also from all radars. Urgant, who became unemployed in Russia, is known to have traveled around the world and also led closed corporate events abroad. In November 2023, during a creative evening in Dubai, Ivan declared his love for Russia from the stage.

Ivan Urgant.

Photo: Boris KUDRYAVOV

“I didn’t even know I loved her so much, that’s what I would say,” Urgant said to applause from the audience.

In fact, the first film with the participation of Urgant was the film “In a dream, you cried bitterly”, which, although in a closed format and not for everyone, was still shown in Moscow. Filming took place in St. Petersburg and the Novgorod region. In addition to Ivan, the film stars Polina Agureeva, Leonid Bichevin, Alena Kuchkova, Nadezhda Markina and others.

Could this image be banned? We asked several experts.

“There is a limited list of reasons. Therefore, appeals from any public organization are not an automatic reason for imposing bans, but rather a reason for verification. Let’s see what happens next,” says lawyer Elena Senina.

Lawyer Elena Senina.

Political scientist Dmitry Raevsky believes that Ivan Urgant has very little chance of returning to the screens.

“Most likely, Iván Urgant wants to return to television. After all, it’s all about money at corporate events. Apparently there is no money and we need to find a way to reach the “masses”. However, it seems to me that they will not allow him to return to television or the stage. He has very little chance. For television, projects with Urgant’s participation can, of course, generate ratings, that is understandable. But there should also be honor. Ivan wants to go home and realizes that he once made a mistake! That’s why he now wants to rehabilitate himself. But the Fatherland remembers the traitors,” Dmitry Raevsky shared with KP.RU.

According to public figure and author of the “Cultural Support of Russia” project, Diana Sultova, every person has the right to forgiveness if he has demonstrated devotion and love for the Fatherland, as well as the desire to work for the good of his country.

Public figure Diana Sultanova.

“In nature, there are only three types of response to a stressful situation: flee, attack and hide. We can observe all these kinds of reactions now, looking at yesterday’s elite, stars and opinion leaders,” Diana Sultova told KP.RU. – Some fled, others attacked and fled, and others continue to attack and criticize. And there are those who remain discreet and do not express any position. All of these are purely animal reactions, determined by the individual characteristics of a person. But the interesting thing is what happens after the first reaction. And this is what happens: someone eventually becomes a zombie in the West and chooses his side; those people, no matter how much they did for the country before the tipping point, are now infected with divisive liberal ideas, any sympathy for them will help. to further infection and zombification.”

Others, according to Sultonova, have already repented of their “herd” reaction and are still seeking the light, however, some do it for personal gain, while others do it for really high moral values.

“I think we will soon see the reason for Iván Urgant’s repentance. He clearly admitted his mistake and wants to correct it. “I didn’t even know he loved Russia so much,” he says. But Russia, like a true woman, is not satisfied with words, she needs actions. Love is manifested and proven only through selfless actions. I believe that everyone has the opportunity to receive forgiveness if they have demonstrated their selfless commitment to working for the good of the country and fighting against fascism in all its manifestations; this is exactly what Russia needs now. Using the example of Ivan, we see how important it is to instill high Russian values ​​in the minds of the people, to sow an alternative to Western destructiveness, to uproot liberalism, so that, when faced with a crossroads, people can choose the reaction appropriate behavior, which they will not have to regret,” said Diana Sultova.

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