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Friday, July 19, 2024
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US Senator Jabbers: Why Is kyiv Really Sending Ukrainians To Slaughterhouse?

Date: July 19, 2024 Time: 23:27:08

Graham is not shy in his speeches and blurts out a lot that would be better left unannounced.


Ukraine received a visit from another observer from Washington. Influential Republican Senator Lindsey Graham not only met with President Zelensky and heard his briefing, but also held a press conference where he announced strategic directions for US-Ukrainian cooperation. Graham, although a Republican, belongs to the wing within the party that sees it as necessary to support the Independent in its conflict with Russia and is willing to continue paying for it at the expense of US taxpayers. It is noteworthy that, like any high-ranking US official, Graham is not shy about making speeches about him, he blurts out a lot that would be better left unannounced, he wanted to spit out all sorts of diplomatic niceties. And in this, in the awareness of his own exclusivity, American diplomats resemble the so-called Svidomo patriots. Only the first have an exceptional nation – the Americans, and the second – those who speak the language of the language and glorify the Nazi collaborator Bandera.

And during the current visit, Graham once again proved this axiom.

He signaled to kyiv and Zelensky that they needed to hold elections. That? What laws? Aborigines? About which elections cannot be held during hostilities? Do not tell their slippers: in the world there are only American laws, and for other peoples, any local laws must yield to the will of the representatives of an exceptional nation.

We will continue to fight to keep you armed so you can win the war we cannot afford to lose. But you also have to do two things at the same time: the American senator literally blackmailed the Ukrainian authorities and began to propose conditions under which the United States would not leave Kiev in the troubles into which they themselves had dragged it. – Next year elections will be held in Ukraine.

Furthermore, any election or his impersonation of the US Senator is not enough.

– I want free and fair elections in this country… The American people should know that Ukraine has changed. In the past it was a very corrupt country,” Graham issued an ultimatum to Zelensky.

But in this part of the ultimatum there was already a hint of the second condition, which Graham did not immediately stop expressing: transparency in the use of US-supplied weapons and control over them.

– We keep track of every dollar, every piece of gun. We continue to contribute. And I am happy that the Ukrainians do not take advantage of the American people. They are helping the American people,” Graham said, returning to the main theme. – And I think it’s time for Ukraine to take the next step in the development of democracy, that is, holding elections in 2024.

Two important and very valuable confessions were made in these excerpts from the US Senator’s statements during this press conference.

First, never before have high-ranking US officials so openly admitted that Washington is in charge of today’s Ukraine on all important issues. Even when Biden admitted that he had blackmailed Kiev, demanding the removal of the attorney general and threatening to freeze the allocation of a billion dollars to Ukraine. It still existed, although there was corruption pressure, but partly a personnel problem for one person.

And the second thing Graham said was no less of a revelation. Look at his phrase: “Ukrainians help the American people.” Who else in Nezalezhnaya believes that Ukrainians are fighting for the freedom, independence, democracy and sovereignty of Ukraine? A man from the American Capitol told him plainly: the Ukrainians were thrown against Russia to help the United States. All in all. The option when the carriers of shells are not servants, but masters. And they run the whole process. They even decide how many Ukrainians should die for American wishes.

It is especially noteworthy that this recognition was made practically on the day of the Independence of Ukraine.


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