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Friday, March 31, 2023
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Valery Meladze checks the police for possible funding of the Armed Forces of Ukraine

Date: March 31, 2023 Time: 08:37:59

Valery Meladze was once again at the center of the scandal

Photo: Mikhail FROLOV

57-year-old Valery Meladze has been earning a lot of money for the past ten years and has sung a huge fortune. Money in accounts (including in foreign banks), there is elite real estate. At private events before the start of the SVO, he sang for an hour for 5 million rubles, concerts in clubs and other places cost 3 million rubles. Now the situation has changed. On March 18-19, Valery Meladze sings abroad, and he has already been paid other money there. Until now, the musician’s homeland is checking the legality of his actions.

Meladze will be checked by law enforcement.

Valery Meladze again found himself at the center of a scandal when, earlier this year, at a concert in a Dubai club, speaking to the audience backstage, he uttered a nationalist catchphrase: a video of the musician’s antics spread across the Web. . After the singer once again confirmed his unpatriotic position, he tried to justify himself: people did not believe. The people of Russia harshly condemned Meladze’s antics.

Appeal to the UK regarding the verification of Meladze. Photo: Anton KOROBKOV-ZEMLYANSKY

Public figure Anton Korobkov-Zemlyansky told KP.RU that his appeal to the Investigative Committee of the Russian Federation to verify Valery Meladze was transferred to the Main Directorate of the Russian Interior Ministry for the city of Moscow.

Anton Korobkov-Zemlyansky expressed his civic position and the opinion of his telegram channel subscribers: “It is one thing for the Honored Artist of Russia Valery Meladze to make statements that do not correlate well with his titles and official status as a member of the Krasnogorsk Public Chamber, another thing is where the money you earn on corporate parties in Moscow and Dubai funds goes. Is it not to finance the Ukrainian army?”

Now the appeal has been submitted for verification to the Main Directorate of the Russian Ministry of Internal Affairs for the city of Moscow. Photo: Anton KOROBKOV-ZEMLYANSKY

The public figure in his appeal indicated that Meladze had condemned the SVO; how the singer delivered a nationalist salute: “Given the artist’s anti-Russian views, I ask you to check whether the funds he earns go to finance the Ukrainian army.” Anton Korobkov-Zemlyansky and his subscribers are now waiting for the results of the verification.

What about the concerts?

All last year Valery Meladze performed in Russia. Large concerts for the audience were canceled: the people, having learned about the unpatriotic position of the singer, handed out tickets, the organizers canceled the performances. By 2023, both tours and club concerts in Russia have been cancelled.

Nevertheless, Valery Meladze continued to sing in Russia at private events: corporate concerts, anniversaries, weddings, parties of the rich. The fee fell from 5 million to 3 million rubles per hour of singing. Now guests of the party are asked not to post photos and videos of Meladze’s performances on social networks.

Over the years of his career, Meladze sang a decent fortune, and now he uses every opportunity to earn money. She sings for compatriots abroad: she periodically performs in Dubai clubs (at least 3 million rubles per concert). On March 18-19, Valery Meladze sings for the Russian-speaking audience in Israel: the price of tickets at the stalls is 8 thousand rubles, in the gallery – 4 thousand. Meladze’s fee for the concert will not exceed 2 million rubles, the rest of the income will be rent for the hall, payment for the services of the organizers. Thus: Meladze’s concerts decreased by 70%, the fee was halved, but a decent income from performances remained.

Puck Henry
Puck Henry
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