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Sunday, April 2, 2023
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“Vampires of the Middle Band-2”: “Grandpa, why do you need those teeth?”

Date: April 2, 2023 Time: 08:06:48

To the beloved characters (Yuri Stoyanov again played the most colorful), new ones were added, for example, the girl Mila played by Eva Smirnova. Photo: Still from the film.

Not every television premiere is essentially a premiere: now everything is arranged in such a way that many series are first shown in online theaters and only then go on the air. So the second season of “Vampires of the Middle Strip” last winter already showed Start, and with great success. So, the viewers of the TNT channel can be envied – they just have to plunge into the new adventures of the Smolensk family of good vampires.

Each new season of any series is certainly compared to the previous one, reducing the sensations to a brief summary: better or worse? In the case of “Vampires…”, it’s safe to say: better! It is unlikely that numerous fans of Svyatoslav Vernidubovich and others like him will be disappointed. And that’s why.

new characters

With some of the former heroes, the scriptwriters mercilessly ended up – the plot of the season is based on the circumstances of the death of one of the characters. Instead of the vampire universe, fresh blood was added (how does this turn of phrase sound in the context of the story!).

The plot features a gray-haired Moscow investigator Andrei Usachev, played by Andrei Sokolov (the same from Little Vera). He is drawn to Smolensk not only by his official duty, but also by painful memories of his youth, of his lost love. The girl Mila, played by Eva Smirnova, appears – she surpassed dozens of different girls in the series, but only in “Vampires …” she revealed herself as a real actress with a wide range. Lukerya Ilyashenko played a small but brilliant role of an evil alien vampire. And, finally, the most delicious flavor of the season – Yegor Druzhinin (who is Vasechkin) in the form of a charming hell, a devil’s minion with an affectionate appearance.

And the pain in my heart

If the first season sang hymns to family values ​​and seemed to illustrate the proverb about a broom that will never break as long as the twigs are tied, then the second season develops themes previously only heard casually.

First of all, this is the topic of an intra-family split: Countess Olga Anvarovna (Olga Medynich) is behind bars: she curses, is cursed and craves revenge. Second, the theme of losing your nearest and dearest is unavoidable in life, even if you are a superpowered vampire, and not a mere mortal. Grandfather Svyatoslav is grieving: Zhenya’s death almost broke him. Anna is in a bad mood (she is now played by Anastasia Stezhko, instead of Ekaterina Kuznetsova), in the first episode you will find out why. The heart of Moscow Lieutenant Colonel Usachev hurts. Thirdly, the Smolensk bloodsuckers are threatened with death by the same bloodsuckers, only very bad ones.

In general, the sky over Smolensk frowns again.

Faith Hope Love

Let’s remember that “Vampires…” only pretends to be a thematic story about fangs, blood suckers and other tabloid horror. This, excuse me, is a humanist statement about the contradictory nature of man, and in new episodes it takes new heights.

Yes, life is a series of losses, and often nothing can be fixed, the authors of the series do not entertain us with illusions. But this does not mean that we should not fight and try. After all, besides the pain of loss, there is love in life. And she is able to create a real miracle.

And miracles, including the most anticipated (we will not disclose details) in the new “Vampires …”, will be. Not surprisingly, Vernidubovich gave himself a complete bloodbath. In the long run, the one he loves, believes, does not betray, forgives, wins. And all this philosophy, of course, generously seasoned with spectacular scenes and stunts. Perhaps, there are even more dynamics and brilliant shots.


“Vampires of the Mid-2 Gang.”

Monday – Thursday, 9:00 p.m.

* A distorted quote (in the original – winter) from the song “Fairy Taiga” by the Agatha Christie group, the hits of which are often heard in the series.

Puck Henry
Puck Henry
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