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Wednesday, July 17, 2024
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Vaporizers turned out to be even more dangerous than we thought: hundreds of toxic substances were found in the liquids

Date: July 17, 2024 Time: 15:43:40

Recently, more and more studies have been published that convincingly demonstrate that vaporizers are not as harmless as was believed ten years ago. Then we were told that an e-cigarette helps us kick nicotine cravings.

But a few years ago, the head of the Center for the Prevention and Control of Tobacco Consumption of the National Medical Research Center for Therapy and Preventive Medicine of the Ministry of Health of Russia, Doctor of Medical Sciences, Marine Gambaryan, stated that this is a myth.

“Vaporizers do not help eliminate the craving for nicotine, on the contrary, they only make you more addicted to it,” explains the expert. – Most of the time, vaporizers use synthetic nicotine, which is extremely toxic and causes even more persistent addiction. And in combination with steam and glycerin, it can cause even more damage to the body.”

Just a month ago another study came out that convincingly proves this: if a person switches to electronic cigarettes after regular cigarettes, this does not reduce the risk of lung cancer at all, but, on the contrary, even increases it. . We wrote about this.


And here’s another study (https://www.nature.com/articles/s41598-024-59619-x): this time a group of scientists from Ireland and Japan connected artificial intelligence, which analyzed 180 compounds from flavored vaping liquids . Using AI, they studied the chemical analysis of the heating and combustion reactions of 180 compounds used in electronics.

Vaping does not help eliminate the craving for nicotine, but on the contrary, it only makes you more addicted to it.

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AI discovered that when heated, most of these substances break down into many harmful compounds that can have an extremely negative impact on health:

* 127 products of acute toxicity,

* 153 compounds that present a health hazard,

* 225 chemicals classified as irritants.

As the researchers point out, “prolonged exposure to the chemicals in electronic cigarettes is leading us toward the beginning of a new wave of chronic diseases that will appear only within 15 to 20 years.” The scientists believe that the results of their study should call for restrictions on the amount of compounds in e-liquids.

“The problem is that even the known compounds in these liquids are dangerous for humans if inhaled,” explains Marine Ghambaryan. – For example, the base of vaping liquids is glycerin, a completely harmless substance. But in high concentrations it causes respiratory irritation and even asthma. Another component, propylene glycol, also irritates the respiratory tract. And both together, under the influence of heat, form very toxic elements: formaldehyde, which affects the nervous system and psyche, and acrolein, which causes the development of cancer. And this is not to mention the fact that when heated, metal and plastic parts of vaporizers can release heavy metals: lead, nickel, chromium. They also go directly to the lungs, but affect the mouth and throat first. I would like to note that in this study only 180 substances from liquids were analyzed, but at one time scientists found there almost 7000 (!) unstudied compounds that are unknown how they can affect the body of an adult, but especially in a way harmful to the teenage body…

We write that active and passive inhalation of electron vapor is dangerous for pregnant women and the fetus and seriously affects the cardiovascular system and potency. In a word, they are no better, if not more harmful, than regular cigarettes.


Scientists analyzed several hundred scientific articles and found that electronic cigarettes are the obvious culprits of many diseases among adolescents who are highly addicted to “sweet” vapor baths. We mainly examined the respiratory system and reliably demonstrated that steam baths cause:

* Chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD) is a severe decrease in lung function, with scar formation.

* Bronchitis due to increased mucus production.

* Bronchiolitis obliterans. With this disease, the airways narrow, scarring forms in the lungs, and inflammation appears. The culprit for this is the diacetyl present in the aromas.

*And of course, vaping illness (EVALI) is a new disease associated specifically with smoking e-cigarettes. It is an acute injury to the lungs, with severe difficulty breathing, cough and chest pain. It seriously reduces the level of oxygen in the blood and, accordingly, affects everything: the cardiovascular system, cerebral blood supply, etc.

“Yes, in fact, sometimes there are many more carcinogens in e-cigarette aerosols than in regular cigarettes,” says Marine Gambaryan. – Of course, this does not mean that cigarettes are better. They are both bad. But we have been studying the effect of cigarettes on the body for many years. We have yet to see the harm of vaping. Although some studies have already shown that e-cigarettes cause DNA breaks in lung and heart tissues. They can cause oral cancer and lung cancer that is extremely malignant and difficult to diagnose. Therefore, it is only a matter of time before there is evidence of negative consequences in the form of cancer of various organs due to vaping.

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