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Tuesday, June 18, 2024
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Veteran status for everyone: what new measures to support NWO participants appear in Russia

Date: June 18, 2024 Time: 23:36:48

In Russia, in 2023, the “Unified Federal Standard for providing support to the families of SVO participants” appeared.

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Social benefits, benefits for children at school, kindergartens, admission to universities without a queue, support in rehabilitation, sanatoriums, compensation, tax benefits – in Russia in 2023, the “Unified Federal Standard for providing support to the families of the SVO participants. . They operate in each region and are mandatory. This year, the children of SVO fighters were given the opportunity to enter universities on preferential terms, within a certain quota. And even if there are some difficulties with obtaining certificates, specialized funds and associations of people who are ready to help the relatives of those who protect the borders of our country come to the rescue. So, in the Yakut fund “Defenders of the Fatherland” they helped a young man to obtain a certificate from the military registration and enlistment office about the death of his father; this document had to be submitted to the university for admission without the results of the exam.


Innovations also appear in regions. So, for example, in Kaliningrad, the governor signed a decree on flat-rate compensation for servicemen and volunteers participating in the SVO.

– There were many questions live and during personal meetings with our guys with a request to provide support to those who were injured, injured, shocked while participating in a special military operation. He signed the corresponding resolution. In this case, we will provide military personnel and volunteers with a one-time additional payment of 250 thousand rubles, – said the head of the region Anton Alikhanov.

In Bashkortostan, the families of the military and the fighters themselves will be able to receive free legal assistance and transportation tax benefits. Employees of the Russian Guard, who are also involved in the defense of Russian territories from the enemy, will also be able to count on social support.

In Kazan, combat invalids, disabled military personnel and combat veterans can apply for a social mortgage. The same support may be provided by the relatives of the deceased holders of the previous states and those who died in compliance with military service, disappeared and died in captivity.


Another important support measure is the rule that if a serviceman is sent to the NWO zone, his family has the right to continue using service housing or receive compensation for renting a house or apartment. This will also apply to National Guard employees.

Amendments are also being discussed that will allow a military member to pay the entire social assistance in cash.

– At the same time, it is important to understand that when a person is in a special operation, in a trench, it is unrealistic for him to use social services. To transfer them to money, you need to apply in advance; this is also unrealistic, – said Andrei Turchak, Secretary of the General Council of United Russia, commenting on the need for amendments. And he stressed that the SVO participants themselves requested the transfer of social support measures exclusively in cash. It is promised that this bill will be considered and implemented as soon as possible.


One of the recent initiatives is the recognition of a soldier as missing if there is no information on the whereabouts of the combatant for six months. Death certificates of a military man will be able to issue not only medical organizations, but also authorized persons. Now the families of the SVO participants will not have to wait for years in limbo: recognition of a person as missing is possible after six months. And already 3 months after receiving the status of a missing person, the court can recognize the fighter as dead.

In the future, the family will be entitled to all benefits and will also receive all payments.

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