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Saturday, January 28, 2023
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Video: What is the situation in the Sochi mountains before the New Year? KXan 36 Daily News

Date: January 28, 2023 Time: 00:43:44

“During the day, the number of skiers and snowboarders decreased markedly, there was a crowd around nine in the morning, and no new riders were allowed in at 11: the limit of two thousand guests was exceeded, the year who is coming I will go to Sheregesh,” said the guest from Moscow Mikhail Petrov, with whom we climbed to the top together, only he with a snowboard and I with a ski pass for walking.

– Did you miss a sports pass or are you an instructor? -asked the vis-a-vis and, upon hearing that I was a correspondent, he exclaimed: -So you’re interviewing me! Then he writes that there are a lot of people and that the roads are blocked.

In fact, more cyclists have gathered at the top, but during the descent they try to let themselves pass. In total, as during the skating test, four are open: the “green” “First Snow”, the blue “Vostochnaya” and “Circus-2” and the “red” “Aibga”. Downstairs in the elevator after 13 a long queue lined up. Some have already filmed today, while others were in a hurry for lunch. Almost all the restaurants are full.

– The beginning of the season, apparently, is good, – said Nikolai Fursa, a pensioner from Rostov-on-Don. – At first there was little snow, but on Wednesday it snowed. Krasnaya Polyana is the only ski point in Sochi so far. I used to go skiing in Dombay, and recently it is convenient here – I took the train at night, and in the morning I was already on the slope. In addition, I come here twice a year – on New Year’s Eve and on Maslenitsa. Fortunately, after 70 years, the ski pass is free and I am 74 years old. Although here I have met older skiers, 80 and even 90 years old. The ski resort unites everyone, from young to old.

The site at an altitude of 2200 meters above sea level is flooded with sun, the air temperature is minus six. Here you can relax between runs and meet friends over a cup of tea. “Food on the Mountain” pavilions are available on each slope.

“Today there are a lot of people, so we had to take a walk with the whole family without skis,” Xiao Zhang, who came to Sochi with his family from Moscow, where he moved from China 15 years ago, shared his impressions in Russian. and, according to him, she fell in love with Russia. – There is something to do here without skiing. In addition to admiring the picturesque landscapes, you can ride an alpine swing, but we did not dare, we are afraid with children.

– Nu that, in cinema or bathroom? – two middle-aged women are discussing plans for the evening, going down the mountain in a cable car.

And what happens at the Sochi airport, the only one open in the south of the country? According to my observations, so far nothing discloses the peak of the season. Only decorated Christmas trees quietly testify to the approach of the New Year.

The queues in front of the check-in counters are familiar, like an hour or two before each flight, so there is still time to buy souvenirs in the terminal. By the way, there are quite a few with local symbols: tinctures, honey, jam, chocolate. “Sochi is … dolphins, chacha, souvlaki, churchkhela, palm, adjika” – it is written on a chocolate bar, in which a magnet is also hidden as a gift.

A new feature of the season at Sochi airport is a capsule hotel. As the director of the accommodation facility, Sergey Popov, told RG, unlike the previous capsules that were placed here before, this hotel has a familiar look of the rooms, where in some beds with comfortable mattresses are located below, and in others, upstairs, where you can climb the stairs.

“Like a train, shelves up and down,” he explained. – Each of six, total – 12 seats. But on a shelf they can clean together. There are places for luggage and equipment. The door is electronically locked. The cost of one hour is 700 rubles.

But getting from the airport to the center of Sochi by public transport turned out to be a problem. After a half hour wait at the bus stop, the electronic scoreboard showed that we had to wait another 30 minutes. It’s cold, so I decided to call a taxi, which arrived quite quickly.

“There is a big traffic jam in Adler, so there are no buses for a long time,” the driver said. – The city is busy, traffic jams have been on the roads for the past few days, everyone is preparing for the holiday: the locals finish their business and go looking for gifts, and guests continue to come to the resort. So we will probably have a lot of work in the next vacation.

Hansen Taylor
Hansen Taylor
Hansen Taylor is a full-time editor for ePrimefeed covering sports and movie news.

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