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Saturday, June 10, 2023
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Vika Tsyganova recalled the harassment of Joseph Kobzon, patriotism and the rejection of Eurovision

Date: June 10, 2023 Time: 12:57:11

In an interview with the blog “Alena, damn it!” Tsyganova explained a lot

The performer of the hits “Come to my house” and “Russian vodka” Vika Tsyganova recently gradually moved away from the role of a chanson singer towards a patriotic song. An artist with Cossack roots, in whose family there were many servicemen, he not only sings, but also composes songs for the front. In an interview with the blog “Alena, damn it!” Tsyganova explained this metamorphosis and much more.


“The first song my husband wrote for me was patriotic -” St. Andrew’s Flag. [Однажды] Vadim (Tsyganov) and I argued, we have been living together for a long time, more than 30 years, anything can happen, and after he raised me once again, I said: “Maybe you will go to the front then? you will show there. He was offended. And then he took it and left: he spent a month in Donetsk, Mariupol. I stayed there for a month, organized a volunteer movement. He returned inspired: this is how the song “Come on, Donbass, fire” was born


“Of course, Alla Borisovna brought out the cream of the intellectual abilities of musicians, arrangers. And [в мейнстриме] there were only those who were close to her, who shared her views”


“They wanted to send me to Eurovision as the first Russian artist, but through Germany. Iosif Kobzon gave me a tour there, they saw me, the popularity was powerful. Both Kobzon and Zykina, who took me to the United States and Australia, evaluated my work. I saw the reaction. So I separated the show from creativity, and I heard the following phrase: “Whoever you serve, he will pay you back.” Then I got baptized, got married and Eurovision became irrelevant to me. In general, I think that Russia should not sing there. She was supposed to sing at the Russian Vodka Contest, but it turned out to be some kind of burlesque. They even gave money. [за то, чтобы я выиграла отбор], because the votes are all paid. I haven’t held anyone’s hand, but I know how it’s done. Then ORT, it seems, decided to make a qualifying round: the editors worked with us, wrote the song “I will return to Russia at dawn”, but then Aziza came, who did not shake hands after the situation with Talkov (Igor died in a fight with this singer’s security guard)”


“I don’t know who at one point cut me off from everywhere. It was a spit on the public for which I sing. For example, I perform a song at a concert in the Kremlin, and then it does not go on the air. It’s just that I myself perfectly understand who is after me and why they don’t like me. As for Joseph Kobzon’s interest in me (the singer spoke about bullying), I translated everything into a joke: he is a wonderful man, I am a wonderful woman, so this [намеки на близость] penalty fee. He did not offer this to Galkin *. But in all likelihood, after my refusal, he took a personal offense. Also, unpleasant words about this still fly in my direction. And I don’t understand what’s wrong with a man reacting to a woman. I think she’s great. Iosif Davydovich was a walker. The man is bright and prominent. Everybody knew”

* recognized by the Ministry of Justice of the Russian Federation as a foreign agent

Puck Henry
Puck Henry
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