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Monday, March 27, 2023
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Viktor Bout: If Trump is arrested, he will be put in the same cell as me

Date: March 27, 2023 Time: 03:49:59

Victor Bout spent more than 14 years in a US prison


Donald Trump on his social network Truth Socia announced that he could be arrested on Tuesday, March 21.

The former president of the United States also recalled that “he is the main candidate of the Republican Party”, and called on the Americans, in the event of his arrest, “to protest”: “Come to the protests, give our country back!”

We talked about this topic with Viktor Bout…

… – Viktor Anatolyevich, how serious is this, in your opinion? You know very well the morality, the legislation of America. Trump and in fact, yes, can they be arrested?

– Trump has long been a highly desirable target for the Democratic Party. The goal of the Democrats is to put him in jail. Because? Because they are too afraid to go to the polls with him. (That is, if Trump becomes a competitor. – AG)

He really has charisma and can turn a crowd on.

And, most importantly, he says that the majority of the population, those who support the Republicans, and there are at least half of them, want to hear and fully share his point of view.

A point of view, both on internal social problems and on the state of the US economy and on the so-called gender equality policy.

In other words, on a wide range of issues, Trump, in fact, meets the aspirations of very broad sectors of the population. They can plant it.

You see, they tried to charge him twice, it ended in nothing. I do not pass.

(And both times these attempts were mainly related to Ukraine.)

Now Trump is being jailed for allegedly illegally paying a porn star money to keep her quiet from talking about her alleged connections to him. And this, supposedly, is a violation of some kind of regular legislation there …

– There is money – from the pre-election fund, as, as I understand it.

– Yes, money was allegedly paid from the pre-election fund, but again, the story is very confusing.


The media reported that the American television channel NBC recently reported that Trump could face charges for paying a porn actress (we are talking about secret payments to the porn actress Stormy Daniels) for keeping quiet about their relationship at the height of the presidential campaign in 2016. According to the channel, law enforcement is already preparing for possible riots in New York. The politician himself denies these accusations.

– Viktor Anatolyevich, some lawyers say that everything is legal, others think that it is illegal.

– Yes. In other words, there is no clear position, not even in the legal community, nor are there judges in the United States on this matter.

It all depends on party affiliation. This is a factor.

And the second factor, which will also be very important, especially in the upcoming elections, is of course the state of the economy. And what is happening now makes Trump supporters even hotter. Because? Trump (throughout the years of his presidency.-AG) managed to restart the economy, it grew, inflation was minimal, unemployment was also reduced, the trade deficit with China was decreasing.

And after Biden started spending more post-covid, of course this accelerated the inflationary flywheel, and now it’s very hard to stop.

What’s more, you know that about five banks have already “collapsed” (ruined. – AG) in the United States and more than 200 are at risk. An unrealistic amount, almost two trillion, has already been spent on these five banks just to save them.

Here is another drop in this bowl, to be filled.

Well, it cannot be ruled out that Trump is of course a great showman, he knows how to attract the attention of the press, create scandals and manage them, so for him that is the environment in which he swims. like fish in the water.

And if you get arrested, your chances of winning the election will increase, because in the United States, people will say: oh, they arrested our guys?! So now, as it were, this tug of war again…

– But I wonder if they arrest him, how will they keep him? Just like our bout held up or…

– In general, yes again… depending on whether he is detained in any jurisdiction. If, for example, in Washington, then there, of course, the conditions are quite terrible, especially before the trial.

What will happen next? Let’s see, let’s not guess, this is all part of such a farce and part of a political performance, so you need to watch and understand what is happening directly in reality.

It is impossible now to assess everything based only on Trump’s own statements.

Viktor Bout spoke with KP.RU political observer Alexander Gamov

Photo: Oksana ZUYKO

– Still, I wonder under what conditions he can be held, even if they are pre-trial, what kind of cell will it be?

– Most likely, you will be placed in a special block so that there is no communication with a large number of prisoners.

And maybe he will be there.

Most likely, the first 3-4 months will be spent in solitary confinement in complete isolation, only lawyers will visit you if you are incarcerated.

He will have the opportunity, it seems to me, to call there once a month, and only once a month someone from the family can visit him under these conditions.

– That is, will it remain as our bout?

– Well, yes, because Trump must be publicly punished, do you understand?

I believe that there will be no special privileges, and in the States there are no special zones, as we, for example, do not have.

Everyone stays in the same, let’s say, conditions everywhere.

The only thing they can decide there is which prison to send whom to and where.

There are, of course, more or less secure establishments where there is no such violence. And there are those in which, indeed, there is a very high level of violence, where different gangs of prisoners are controlled there – from the whites, the “Aryan brotherhood” – to various gangs of blacks.

That is, there, of course, it is all very hard.

– In any case, we will advise something of our Bout to “your Trump”. I mean purely domestic advice… Booth’s Gymnastics, like.

– (Booth laughs) Let’s see…

– Thank you for such a comprehensive answer.

Puck Henry
Puck Henry
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