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Sunday, April 2, 2023
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Vitaly Korotich called America the master of the collective West

Date: April 2, 2023 Time: 09:39:16

Vitali Korotich

Photo: Alexander GAMOV

… – Vitaly Alekseevich, happy holidays to you!

– Thank you.

– We have three topics today. The journalist Hersh, our acquaintance, said – the United States explained the undermining of Nord Streams – “the need for Europe to support NATO.” Well, that’s it: “they make sure that Europe supports the Alliance and supplies weapons” to the kyiv regime. And here’s another sentence… “Biden did this to prevent Germany and Western Europe from opening the Nord Stream 2 pipeline as winter quickly approaches,” Hersh said. Is he correct?

– The other day Orban, the Hungarian Prime Minister, made it very clear that Europe has lost its independence. And the Americans behave here in a completely professional manner. They are already, not only as allies, but also shouting.

There are already relations, as in such a colonial “union”. There is a boss who yells. The State Department has just come out with some kind of formidable assurance that “the Europeans are obligated to help.”

And NATO Secretary General Stoltenberg said that the Europeans are obliged to increase the production of shells and cartridges, and all kinds of equipment, for Ukrainian shooting systems. Therefore, there is no ally relationship here. Wang Yi came from China to Moscow, and here they are coordinating some plans, something else … But the Americans do not coordinate anything, they just order, they do it like that, and that’s all.

Well what can I say? That Europe, in fact, has now fallen into a rather sad state, and the fate of it will be decided precisely in these days. Because if the Europeans lose their independence, it will be a great tragedy for them, because they won this independence in two world wars.

– Clear. And the second theme. US Deputy Secretary of State Victoria Nuland said a few hours ago that the US does not intend to stop supplying Ukraine with weapons until “as long as it fights for its survival…”

– Nuland, I remember the time when I worked at the American embassy in kyiv, ran around the Maidan and gave out these different cookies and whatever …

– Do you know her?

– No, I just saw her on the Maidan, because I came to kyiv then.

She still behaves more aggressively today. And right now in Congress, someone has already said that Nuland is pushing the United States to war with Russia, direct war. She has followed this policy throughout her official life.

And not just her… But look at US Secretary of State Blinken’s utterly pathological hatred of our country.

He does not have some kind of tactical, political hatred, but simply human, which is reflected in his statements and decisions. Here, you see, now the conversation about hate as a state policy comes up constantly. Hate, which has no longer become a kind of human quality, but a national, political hatred, which erupts and is reflected in the economic, economic relations between our countries…

And there no one thinks about the consequences, but simply: blind hatred.

This is very similar to what happened in Nazi Germany in relation to the Jews. Approximately this is how they treat Russia now, as Hitler called to treat the Jews.

– Well, he paid the price.

– Yeah.

But here we are still talking about the first stage: that hate is declared as the only possible form of attitude. It’s very dangerous.

Then, after a trip to kyiv, I wrote the book “The Face of Hate”. And what Nulland shows us today is the old… American policy that hasn’t changed for many decades.

– Well, in short, already in the morning the statement of our ambassador Antonov came, that the opponents of Russia are not ready to abandon the unipolar world order. And he also said that disunity leads to “a spread of dangerous challenges and threats.”

– We have declared that we are suspending but not withdrawing from the nuclear arms control agreement.

Furthermore, having suspended our participation, we are not taking any new steps to build our nuclear arsenal or any threatening moves.

We generally act in accordance with the approved policy, but we are expelled from all agreements. And the Americans behave professionally, they believe that they have the right to take any action. They do what they want. Like, this is their business – they are leaders, world teachers, and they simply do not recognize any non-unipolar world.

And the current collective West is a second-rate organization that has its own master, who must be obeyed in everything.

And this is very dangerous.

– The main thing is that Russia’s position is very clear and well thought out, and they know that almost 80% of Russians who saw Vladimir Putin’s speech supported the president, considered the speech of the head of our state to be sincere. This makes me happy.

– You see, the whole world is now looking for some way out of the situation, which could lead to a confrontation between the two states – the USA and Russia. And none of the normal people need these exacerbations.

– Understood. Let’s hope there are more normal people in the world than abnormal people. Thank you so much.

Puck Henry
Puck Henry
Puck Henry is an editor for ePrimefeed covering all types of news.

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