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Sunday, March 26, 2023
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Vitaly Korotich: Did Biden take 291 days off during his presidency? He is not facing a new term.

Date: March 26, 2023 Time: 15:15:27

Vitali Korotich

Photo: Alexander GAMOV

The National Committee of the US Republican Party estimated that Joe Biden spent 291 days of his presidential term on vacation.

… – It’s good that American citizens know how long their president, elected and in charge of their lives, money, army and everything else, hangs out and does who knows what, – said Vitaly Korotich, a well-known journalist and public . figure, on the air of Komsomolskaya Pravda Radio. -Especially because somewhere yesterday or the day before yesterday they found several more highly secret documents, somewhere there, in warehouses, in Biden’s sheds in Delaware, his home state.

Therefore, now we can only say one thing: the fight for future elections continues.

– For this reason, even public holidays advertise…

– And if now the Americans know how much time they spent, who and where (in this case, on vacation. – AG), then we can say: future voters in the United States are looking more and more clearly at the presidential candidates. .

– So how is that?

– Apparently, neither Biden nor Trump no longer have any chance of returning to the White House. It seems so to me.

And that’s what the people I talk to tell me. (We are talking about US citizens. – AG) Let’s see how it will be in reality.

I interrupted you first…

– You understand, one of the things, purely statistical: how much time passed, how much not.

But on the other hand, I like everyone to know exactly how long the president was out of the White House, how long he did business, and how long, generally speaking, he picked his nose.

Therefore, there is a good one and a bad one. Yes, both are good.

It’s good that the president is under the hood of so much attention, and even better that this is taken into account by the widest range of voters. And I hope this affects the final results.

I still do not know the candidate of the Democratic Party, but the fact is that the United States has not yet waited for the final decision of Biden, who did not nominate himself.

– How, Vitaly Alekseevich, – Biden has already said that he will go to the presidency …

– He said yes, that, like, that he was going to do it. but he did not officially announce that he would participate in the elections.

Biden said that, they say, now I will make a final decision and, probably, yes, most likely, he will go, but it will be decided by the congress of his party, at which he will declare what he wants.

But first it is necessary for the party to believe in him. So far there has not been a new candidate nominated… that is, the governor of Florida is gradually interrupting…

– Haven’t the Democrats nominated yet?

– No, the Democrats have not yet nominated.

But Republicans, by and large, didn’t run either.

Or rather, Trump keeps saying he will. To run, but the governor of Florida (Speech about Ron DeSantis. – AG) in all unofficial polls leads him so far.

Let’s see how it goes.

– And what does the simple American working people say, with whom you constantly communicate?

– They say they are very concerned about uncertainty. Uncertainty is everywhere.

The fact that the war can break out more and more and acquire a global scale. In general, the president makes a decision on any occasion. They are more interested in not just how long the owner of the White House is at his desk, but what he does at his desk. Therefore, it all adds up and ultimately decides the fate of this person. And – this state.

– Thanks for the comment.

Puck Henry
Puck Henry
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