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Wednesday, March 22, 2023
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Vitaly Korotich said that under Biden, relations between Russia and the United States are worse than during the Cold War

Date: March 22, 2023 Time: 12:07:23

Journalist Vitaly Korotich

Photo: Alexander GAMOV

… – Vitaly Alekseevich, a former doctor in the White House, said that the health of the President of the United States threatens America. Maybe you remember, his name is Ronnie Jackson.

– No, I don’t remember.

– He says that the cognitive deterioration of the current president of the United States, Joe Biden, could be catastrophic for the country. Jackson tweeted about it. I really don’t know what it is…

– Cognitive functions?

– Yeah.

– Functions to communicate, to build relationships with people, etc.

– Jackson, who now represents the Republican Party in the US Congress, believes that Biden’s state of health brings the country closer to conflict with Russia and China. And then he quotes her: “Half the time she doesn’t know where she is, and every day she brings us closer to total war with Russia and China.” And one more thing: that the presidential administration “hides the truth about Biden’s health.” Is this a pre-election feint or is it really all that serious with Comrade Biden?

– You see, in general, there are more opinions in the United States than two parties.

But the two parties have organized themselves into two of the most powerful corporations that share power between them, the future, the present…

With all this, they follow very clearly who they take to the top. After all, Biden traveled for a long time (to the top of power. – AG), he was also vice president, was in Congress, in the Senate and wherever he was. And now, when the time has come…

– Almost – before the election.

– … in America (for example, this surprised me, to some extent I liked it) more detailed reviews of the health of the president and presidential candidates are printed all the time. Like this, as if he bought a horse.

Well, everything about him: what he is, how he is, how his stomach works, and what is wrong with his head, what are the “results of the encephalogram.”

And now, when all this is published, little by little the president becomes such, you know, a well-studied mechanical puppet, which has already been studied in each of its wheels, and it works and does what needs to be done.

And with all this, that’s how Pinocchio is, he, in the end, when it turns out that he’s already starting to go too far…

– Something is hard to hear. Don’t change your position, okay, Vitaly Alekseevich?

– OK. I am not here.

And health is always recorded with such precision, since the president is the highest point of selection of a person to express the opinions and actions of a certain group that has come to power.

… In short, the selection and discovery of whether a person with health data like Biden’s is needed at the pinnacle of power is now ongoing.

And Biden said that I, in general, want to run, I’m ready, but he hasn’t officially named his candidacy yet, like the one that will be on the ballot in the election.

– Tell me, what about your acquaintances, friends in the United States …

– They are all very ironic with Biden…

Although, one of them wrote to me that if Biden comes to power, you see, it will be something in between if Yagoda and Beria come to power together. (At various times, under Stalin, they headed the NKVD of the USSR. – AG)

With the advent of Biden, very abrupt, literally pre-war changes began in Russia’s relations with the United States. This has never happened before on such a large scale. Even after World War II, when the Cold War was declared, when Churchill made his historic speech that the iron curtain had fallen between Russia and the rest of the world.

In general, it was still not so dangerous, there were no nuclear weapons in such a volume.

And now, when Biden is being studied like this, it is clear that they are not very sure that this is the person who will have to be given power in the United States next year.

– Thank you very much, Vitaly Alekseevich. It was good to hear from you.

– I hug you.


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