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Thursday, June 1, 2023
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Vladimir Permyakov – MMM’s Lenya Golubkov got married dressed as Santa Claus

Date: June 1, 2023 Time: 19:06:05

Snow Maiden Olga – 55. Santa Claus Vladimir – 70. Both hope that now their life will be magical … Photo: Personal archive

“You wrote about me, I invite you to my wedding!” – actor Vladimir Permyakov, known as Lenya Golubkov from the MMM ad, surprised me on the phone. Of course, he knew that the 70-year-old artist has a beloved woman. And Vladimir first told Komsomolskaya Pravda about this. But for some reason I thought that he would not come to a wedding. It turned out that she was wrong: Permyakov and his chosen one signed on January 12 at the Wedding Palace in VDNKh.

“Vladimir Sergeevich, I am afraid of you”

– We have known each other with Volodya for six years. We had a guest couple. Once we decided to be together, we wanted everything humanely, to legitimize the relationship, Permyakova’s new wife, 55-year-old actress Olga Petrova, told KP. – They wanted to sign beautifully, on December 30, the day of the centenary of the USSR. We are “originally from the USSR”. We submitted an application in December to get it signed, but we were two days late. Nobody broke the rules. We were told that it was necessary to apply for a month … Well, on New Year’s Eve, it’s also nice.

On the 13th we don’t risk it… This is my first marriage. He has a third.

– Four! – specifies Permyakov.

– How is the room?! Wow, I didn’t know that! Actually, I thought it would be her second marriage. In the registry office I found out that the third. Now tell me the room. Vladimir Sergeevich, I’m afraid of you! (Laughter.)

Olya is my old friend. We met on the set of a movie. They met, then parted ways for a few years. And I was alone, without a woman. And last year we met and realized that we cannot live without each other. They came to the conclusion that it was necessary to legitimize the relationship, as Olya wanted. And I supported her, – says the actor.

With Olga they are together in life and on stage. They created the duet “Greetings from the 90s” and sing hits of the time. The actress likes to introduce herself by her stage name: Olga Munchausen.

second wind

Permyakov’s first two wives were in his native Kansk. He says that they did not support his creative impulses, they forced him to go to the play. Both short marriages are called unsuccessful. He believes that with his third wife, Natalia Remizova, a journalist from a news agency, they were truly happy. And by the third marriage, she had already gained fame as Lenya Golubkov. Natasha Remizova interviewed him as a television advertising celebrity. When, after the collapse of MMM, there were attacks on Permyakov, they say, why did he deceive people, inviting them to bring money? It was Natasha who reassured them and didn’t let them feel disappointed.

“Sometimes such despair would take over. I ran out of money, many turned away, I wanted to get their hands on myself, and then Natasha became my salvation, ”said the performer of the role of Leni Golubkov. True, Permyakov did not plan to get married after two unsuccessful marriages, but Natasha insisted. “We lived with her in a civil marriage for a year, then she calls me from her and says:“ Volodya, today we met a year ago, but nothing has changed. She let you go on all four sides. I said, “Natalie, but we’re your friends.” She says: “Volodia, they don’t sleep with friends.” And she hung up. I writhed inside. She couldn’t resist, somewhere, probably six months later, she proposed to him. We got married on May 24, 1996 and we lived in an official marriage for almost a year, ”Vladimir told Komsomolskaya Pravda. Unfortunately, Natalya fell ill with the flu, pneumonia began, and the artist’s wife died.

Every time in the most difficult periods of life, according to Permyakov, God sends him a good woman. The last few years, he admits, have been hard. Due to the pandemic, there was very little work.

“But then Olya appeared, our duet came to her mind, inspired, and it was as if a second wind opened up,” says the actor. – Now everything is ascending, many times we were called to speak. We are happy and we make plans for the future.


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