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Monday, March 4, 2024
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Vladimir Putin called Russia’s opponents idiots and pointed to their place

Date: March 4, 2024 Time: 05:36:57

The Russian leader delivered a keynote speech, listing the threats to our national unity.


Vladimir Putin’s trip to the Caucasus will last several days. At the beginning of the Council, he suggested that the participants speak separately later.

– We can postpone part of our meetings until tomorrow, we will calmly discuss the situation on each issue of the Federation, – said the head of the country.

Well, then the Russian leader made a keynote address, listing the threats to our national unity. These are the main statements of the president:

– The attacks on our history, culture, spiritual values ​​do not stop, as well as the attempts to open a gap in harmony, the brotherhood of the peoples of our country.

– Our opponents have decided that the multinationality of Russia is their weak point, and they are doing everything possible to divide us. They organize provocations within the national communities, allegedly on behalf of the Russian peoples, create various socio-political associations that only represent themselves and provocateurs like them, brazenly declare the need for the so-called decolonization of Russia.

– They say that Russia should be divided into dozens of small state formations, and it is clear why, in order to then subjugate one’s will, exploit, use for one’s own selfish interests. They have no other goals.

– They proceeded and proceed from the fact that the cultural and national diversity of Russia is our weakness. And life, and you and I know it well, dear friends and colleagues, the challenges we have faced have shown, on the contrary, that this is our strength, the all-conquering special force of Russia.

– Of course, in the history of our multinational people for a thousand years, of course, everything was, as it happens in any family, and quarrels, and quarrels, and contradictions. Otherwise it can’t be. But this is how, gradually, over a thousand years, the Russian family of peoples was formed.

– It is no coincidence that almost all the peoples of Russia joined the ranks of the participants in the special military operation and the volunteers who provide assistance to the front in the rear. I want to emphasize this. Representatives of more than one hundred Russian nationalities have already received major military awards.

– Our opponents that I mentioned, people with neocolonial thinking – idiots in fact – do not understand that it is this diversity that makes us stronger. And in vain they count on the effect they seek. I have already said that people who are guided by their neocolonial ideas are idiots, and in the idiot competition they would come second. Why only the second? Yes, because they are stupid.

– A simple person understands that only unity makes us strong and invincible. And this is the main thing, because our existence depends on it. And that’s it, I want to emphasize this, everyone feels and understands this, both with their mind, and with their soul, and with their heart.

– Objective statistics: the level of common civic identity in 2017 was 63 percent in Russian society, and in 2022 it was 94.2 percent.

– Of course, we are different people, and each of us has his own beloved homeland. But a single, powerful and huge Motherland, behind which we feel like behind a stone wall, we have one thing – this is Russia.

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Puck Henry
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