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Monday, June 5, 2023
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Vladimir Putin presented awards to young cultural figures and works for children KXan 36 Daily News

Date: June 5, 2023 Time: 06:46:32

The president noted that diligence and love for the motherland unite generations of Russian cultural figures, and creativity supports us despite the turmoil in the world. “A lot can be said about each of today’s laureates, but no words can say more about you than your work, your contribution to national culture, the development of Russian society, the upbringing of young generations. A disinterested contribution of exceptional artistic abilities and educational value.He is illuminated by true talent, great diligence and boundless love for his native country and our people, something that unites all generations of masters of Russian theater, cinema, fine arts and music “said the head of state.

The flow of talent and creativity in Russia never stops – this is the strength of the country.

The president personally awarded the sculptor Ekaterina Pilnikova and the director Aidar Zabbarov, who became laureates of the award for young artists, as well as the leader of the Sevastopol folk art group “Joy” Viktor Gotsulenko and the artistic director of the dance ensemble “Joy.” from Murmansk Larisa Feoktistova – received the prize in Literature and Art for works for children and young people.

During the ceremony, Putin also noted that ballet dancer Sergei Polunin, who received the prize for young artists, was absent from the award ceremony. “A young but already recognized master who has written the pages for him in the world history of choreography is the ballet dancer Sergei Vladimirovich Polunin. But I don’t see him for some reason,” said the head of state. Later it was learned that the artist participated in the premiere of El Maestro y Margarita that day.

Directors Alexander Galibin (award for the contribution to the development of domestic children’s cinema) and Inessa Kovalevskaya (award for the contribution to the development of the art of domestic animation, creation of the cartoon music genre, educational activities) were also absent from the ceremony. in the Kremlin. “Galibin took part in the 300th anniversary of Perm, and Kovalevskaya is 90 years old, the doctors did not allow her to get out of it,” Vladimir Tolstoy, adviser to the President of the Russian Federation, explained about her absence.

Receiving an award from the president, Viktor Gotsulenko, leader of the Sevastopol folk art group “Joy”, said that through dance one can study the history of the country. “We will do everything possible to instill in children patriotism, love for the country through culture, through folk art,” he promised. Gotsulenko also told how wonderful life is now in Sevastopol. “Honestly, we don’t need anything. It’s just a fairy tale, ”he admitted to the president. Larisa Feoktistova, leader of the eponymous Joy dance troupe, only from Murmansk, noted in her speech that although geographical dance troupes are far apart, thanks to patriotism, this distance is getting shorter. “In our teams there are productions on a patriotic theme: in the Sevastopol “Joy” these are the Chersonese bells, the number is dedicated to the return to the native port of Sevastopol and Crimea. In the Murmansk “Joy” this is the “Russian Army” – anyone who comes at us with a sword, drop the sword and die,” he said.

Putin in his speech emphasized that the flow of talent and creativity in Russia never stops, this is the strength of the country. “This emphasizes the continuity of generations, it emphasizes that in all areas, including art, we create the effect of an endless river of talent and creativity. And this never stops, it is a continuous stream,” said the head of state. He also added that regardless of any turmoil in the world, creativity always supports our people. “This is the great strength of our people. This is one of the fundamental bases of our existence,” he said.

Hansen Taylor
Hansen Taylor
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