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Friday, September 29, 2023
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Vladimir Putin spoke about the construction of the world’s first cross-border cable car.

Date: September 29, 2023 Time: 13:12:23

The President of Russia arrived at the Eastern Economic Forum.

Photo: kremlin.ru

Vladimir Putin is scheduled to speak at the Eastern Economic Forum plenary session on September 12. But the president flew to the Far East on Monday the 11th. The head of the country spent the whole day at work.


First of all, Vladimir Vladimirovich took part in the naming ceremony of two new ships built at the “Zvezda” shipyard. An ice-class tanker is named after the writer Valentin Pikul. The second gas tanker is named after Alexey Kosygin.

– Some of the best ships in their class, capable of operating at extremely low temperatures and crossing ice barriers. The development of such a fleet is of great importance for the implementation of long-term strategies and to strengthen energy security, the President stressed. – I want to thank the engineers, designers and workers.

The Russian leader expressed his hope that with each new ship its location will only increase.

The godmother of the tanker Pikul was cosmonaut Elena Serova, and the gasman was Honored Doctor of Russia Tatyana Kurleeva. It is tradition that both broke large bottles of champagne on ships.


Then the head of the country was given a presentation on the development of the Far Eastern regions. The presidential envoy, Yuri Trutnev, mentioned the main indicators of the last ten years.

– A comprehensive support system for the Far East has been created. 3.4 billion collected. investment rubles. 673 companies have been launched. The main investments are allocated to gas and petrochemicals, the real estate sector, shipbuilding, energy, etc., the official listed.

In addition, investment attraction is growing three times faster than in the entire country. 123 thousand new jobs have been created. Salaries are 40% higher than the Russian average – 97 thousand rubles.

“Everything is multiplying,” the president commented with satisfaction.

True, according to Rosstat, people continue to leave the regions. Over the past year, the Far East lost 62 thousand people. 37 left and the rest were due to natural population decline.

The presentation listed plans through 2030:

* Attract 10.5 billion. investment rubles.

* 1,700 new companies.

* 230 thousand new jobs

Currently, 10,000 apartments are being built for preferential rent by the necessary specialists in the region. For a two-room apartment with furniture you will have to pay a third of the market price – about 12 thousand rubles a month.

The launches of companies in priority development areas were carried out via videoconference. Vladimir Vladimirovich gave the order to start up the concentrated complex of titanium and magnetite of the Baikal-Amur Mining Corporation, the second stage of the Pavlik gold mining plant and the Udokan mining and metallurgical plant.


Vladimir Putin also discussed with the local authorities the development of the largest agglomerations in the Far East: Vladivostok, Khabarovsk, Blagoveshchensk and Birobidzhan. The president pointed out that 1.6 million people live in these cities.

– All cities have close ties with China. Therefore, areas such as tourism, logistics and investment cooperation dominate their master plans, the Russian leader said.

According to him, the main emphasis in development is on transportation.

– There is even the world’s first cross-border cable car. It will connect Blagoveshchensk with the Chinese city of Heihe,” the President stressed.

The launch of the cable car is planned for 2025.

In addition, the head of the country listed what each city should pay attention to:

* Blagoveshchensk needs to depend on incoming tourism: the city has a good position and needs to take advantage of it.

* Birobidzhan “has opportunities in a variety of industries, from agriculture to the production of medical products and mineral processing.”

* Creative industries develop in Khabarovsk.

“Here is located one of our animation studios, which produces its own products – cartoons, which are popular not only in Russia but also abroad,” Putin noted.

* Vladivostok has been directly entrusted with the task of improving the city center.

– In the central part of Vladivostok there is an oil depot, which is absolutely wrong from an ecological and urban point of view. This area can be used more efficiently, including for walks and recreation of citizens, and the oil depot can and should be moved outside the city, the president ordered.

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