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Sunday, March 26, 2023
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Vladimir Putin told the students about the Ukrainian detachments: “They shoot their own”

Date: March 26, 2023 Time: 15:49:44

Vladimir Putin came to Moscow State University on the occasion of Student’s Day. Photo: Maxim Mishin/POOL/TASS

Vladimir Putin came to Moscow State University on the occasion of Student’s Day. The President was shown a new training and student development center: drones, biotechnologies, industrial systems.

The head of state, together with Moscow Mayor Sergei Sobyanin and Moscow University Rector Viktor Sadovnichev began to study the booth with information about the new building. The rector first stood in the center, but the mayor of the capital quickly corrected him.

– Put Vladimir Vladimirovich in the middle, and we are on the sides, – ordered Sobyanin.

Of course, a visit to Moscow State University on Tatiana’s Day could not do without a meeting with students. Each of the boys offered something different to the president.


One of the students complained that Student’s Day always falls in a session or on weekdays when you have to work.

– Let’s reschedule for the last Saturday of June! Then everyone will be free.

“They did it on purpose to behave more modestly,” Putin joked, but promised to speak to the minister.

Since time immemorial, students have had a tradition to vigorously celebrate Tatyana’s day.

Catherine the Great even issued a separate decree on this topic: “Students caught indecently on Tatyana’s Day should not be punished, but they should be escorted with all courtesy to a warm hut, where they should be placed on benches and covered with caps. And in the morning they give a pile for a hangover and a snack, after which they let themselves go with God … “


One of the young volunteers at the meeting suggested sending student teams to new regions. Help young people with the restoration of what was destroyed.

“Student teams are a good idea,” Putin replied. – I also participated in them. We went north, to Komi. They cut wood for power lines, build houses: hard work, but useful. The only thing holding me back is security issues.

The president recalled that the Ukrainian army continues to shoot. And not just for us…

– The enemy does not take into account anything. They shoot their own in the back, created detachments. A week ago, the guys told us: in one of the settlements they are guarding ours, the enemy is ahead and they are shooting at him. Dense fire, don’t back down. It is the nationalists who work, but do not advance by themselves, – said the head of the country.


Semnova Daria, who previously studied in Austria, complained about the bullying. When Russia launched a military operation a year ago, the university management demanded the girl to sign a complaint paper. But Dasha refused and returned home.

In response, Vladimir Vladimirovich assured the student that ordinary people in Vienna treat us well. And all oppression is the machinations of the elites.

– Soviet troops were in Austria, but they left voluntarily. The Soviet Union acted as guarantor of the Austrian constitution and its neutral status. Many ordinary citizens know about this and are grateful to Russia for such a position,” Putin said.

And then he remembered that not everyone left Europe after the war.

– The Soviet Union legally formalized the end of the occupation of Germany, but the United States did not! Formally, the American occupation troops are still on the territory of Germany. Of course. German politicians say: “Germany has never been a sovereign state since the end of the war,” the president said.

“The time will come, sovereignty will be returned to Europe, but a little more time is needed,” he added.

Puck Henry
Puck Henry
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