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Friday, March 24, 2023
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Vodonaeva bought an apartment for a cat, Volochkova takes her pet to beauty salons: how the stars of Russian show business care for their pets

Date: March 24, 2023 Time: 10:06:36

The cat, which perfectly matches the ballerina’s fur coat and the pastel interiors of her mansion, cost the hostess a handsome sum.

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Two-legged cats will also envy these cats – they live in palaces, eat delicacies, take care of their health, and along the way demand separate changing rooms from the owners. In addition, for a life of luxury it is not at all necessary to have breed, pedigree and other feline virtues. The main thing is to correctly choose and educate the owner.


The cat, which perfectly matches the ballerina’s fur coat and the pastel interiors of her mansion, cost the hostess a handsome sum. At the end of 2021, when the previous pet Lucky died, Volochkova bought the baby Ricci of the “golden British chinchilla” breed for 500 thousand rubles. Since then, Richard has lived like a king: in the open spaces of a two-story house, surrounded by toys and cared for by a housekeeper.

At the service of the cat Volochkov there is a 24/7 veterinary service, as well as cat groomers and manicurists. So recently, Ricci spent all day at the salon, where he was washed, cut, and combed to detangle. Here, too, hair is dyed with mustache and claw streaks, teeth are whitened and creative hairstyles are built, for example, for a holiday or an exhibition. The services of groomers (the so-called stylists for four-legged dogs) cost from 2000 rubles in the most modest performance.

At the service of the cat Volochkov there is a 24/7 veterinary service, as well as groomers and “manicurists” for cats.

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In Moscow, a cat bought an apartment with a mortgage of 19 million, and this is not a joke. The star of “House-2” Alena Vodonaeva turned out to be the wasteful mistress of the tail, and her stout Maine Coon named Escobar was the happy owner of the square meters in Khamovniki.

According to Vodonaeva, she simply had no choice, since her son suddenly developed a severe allergy to cat hair. But not throw Escobar out on the street? In addition, the former participant of the TV show had already had to part with one cat – her beloved Coco, once introduced by Ksenia Sobchak – during pregnancy, the hostess was constantly on the safe side and as a result was given to the pet. to friends.

“Escobar is my relative (the so-called fellow witches in animal costumes. – Ed.), My tail, my antidepressant,” Vodonaeva said and without hesitation waved a mortgage contract for 20 years. She also has her own beauty salon in Khamovniki, so visiting the cat was not a problem from the start.


Well, who would believe that this well-fed “nobleman” with a smooth coat a couple of years ago wandered and ate garbage? When the pitiful singer picked up an emaciated bundle on the street, he was dehydrated and terribly ill. Veterinarians found HIV in Solomon, or rather, FIV, the feline immunodeficiency virus. It is not dangerous for a person, but animals can easily become infected, so other wandering cats, who considered the site of Bilan’s dacha their own, had to be urgently resettled.

The “night hooligan” spends 50,000 rubles a month to save Solomon, infected with HIV. The pet from time to time goes through three-week check-ups (comprehensive examination): he goes to the clinic, as if at a resort, attends procedures to improve health; this is not available to all homo sapiens. In addition, Solik has his own mini-house with tiny portraits of the owner on the walls, as well as a page on social networks (6.2 thousand subscribers).

“Finally, she got a man and bought a house after eight years of a wandering life,” Solomon Bilanovich boasts.


The TV presenter in her pet breed “Scottish Fold” does not like the soul. This guy also has a personal page on social networks (17.9 thousand subscribers), where he talks about his bohemian “parents”. At home, they call him chelokot: they say that Fofa perfectly understands his fur owners and generally behaves like a full-fledged member of the family: watches TV, sits down for dinner with everyone at the table, drinks raw water from the faucet…

A few years ago, when a Scotsman did not give a shit about a country house, Kudryavtseva launched a large-scale search: she posted ads throughout the district, combed the nearest forests with volunteers, and also attracted all the psychics she knew. look for. Each of them, by the way, had their own version of the whereabouts of Fofa, and not one of them was confirmed, so magicians and sorcerers believe after that. And the cat was found a week later thanks to CCTV cameras in a neighboring area, where a frightened fugitive was hiding under a mountain of building materials.

They say that after that the star does not let go of the woolen pet. So, at one of the awards, where Lera was the hostess, she included in her rider … a separate dressing room for the cat, as well as cat food and a separate employee to care for Fofa.


There are legends about the artist’s love for all sorts of living creatures, and not without reason: dozens of animals found refuge at Antonov’s dacha with a large plot. Neighbors joke: “Who lives well in Rus’? Antonov’s cats and dogs!” They say that the singer has 17 dogs that he picked up on the street, 20 squirrels, 1 rooster and a large family of four and a half dozen (!) Cats. Many of them do not have names; he still cannot remember everyone, but they have their own secluded residences and spacious rooms, as well as separate refrigerators with food, on which the singer, by his own admission, spends most of his income. .

Yuri Mikhailovich calls his purring pets the Kuban cat choir: “I come home, and my 45 cats run out and meow!” Only a select few are allowed to enter the master’s house: one of them is the cat Pashka, nicknamed the sound engineer for his love for the music console. There are other rules on the Antonov estate: animals are not sterilized, so boys and girls live separately; and in case of illness, the famous owner himself takes care of the pets. So, Gosha the cat has a prosthesis on his paw; Five weak kittens that Antonov himself fed with a pipette and another pet, in which doctors discovered “psychological problems”, the artist brought to all meetings in a special carrier so as not to be separated. When a pet dies, it is buried here – there is already a whole pet cemetery on the singer’s site.

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