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Monday, February 26, 2024
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Volochkova’s boyfriend’s assistant from the show Let’s Get Married is arrested: will his beaten wife forgive him?

Date: February 26, 2024 Time: 19:57:39

Ballerina Volochkova spoke to Sergei shortly before he hit his wife.

Photo: social networks

Sergei Kuznetsov, 46, was arrested for two months and is in jail after severely beating his wife. Bath attendant Kuznetsov lovers of social life learned after his romance with the ballerina Anastasia Volochkova. He now works as a fitness instructor. We tell you the chronology of the novel and the crime.

Romance with Volochkova

Ballerina Anastasia Volochkova met toilet attendant Sergei Kuznetsov on the eve of the new year 2022, when he arrived to film the Let’s Get Married TV show. In the TV show, three grooms fought over the location of the bride, and Kuznetsov was one of them (he was depicted as the owner of the bath complex). And Volochkova was tasked as a guest star expert to praise Sergey. Sergei liked the ballerina, there was an “attraction” between them, and after a couple of days the assistant visited the star’s mansion near Moscow. On December 31, the couple held a party at Volochkova’s dacha, who even allowed Kuznetsov to take her son with her (now the boy is 7 years old). Kuznetsov divorced the mother of his only child after 20 years of marriage. On January 3, Anastasia Volochkova flew to the Maldives and took her assistant with her: he paid for her flight, and her villa was rented in advance. Volochkova from the Maldives demonstrated for a couple of weeks how happy she was with Sergey: “We are in love with her, we are having a happy time. It doesn’t matter who paid for whom in the Maldives.”

And soon after returning home from an expensive resort, Nastya left the assistant. It turned out that Sergei had neither money for flowers nor for a taxi to the house of his beloved. The dancer was already disappointed and she explained the expulsion of the attendant from the mansion thus: “She paid all the expenses herself, including cigarettes and wine from her. For me, this is not a very pleasant moment, I don’t like to carry men on my shoulders, although I have done it many times. She then she said: “Nastya, can you invest 12 million rubles in building a gym? And I will be the manager there.” Can you imagine my surprise? I met him specifically in order to spend the New Year with someone and go on a romantic trip.

Kuznetsov got married five months ago.

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Kuznetsov and his ex-wife moved to Russia many years ago from Ukraine, where he graduated from the university (psychology department), then from the Higher Party School. He worked in Ukraine in the fitness industry: as a fitness instructor and was engaged in this business. In Moscow and the Moscow region, he worked as a fitness instructor, then as a manager of a bath complex, he was not a business owner, but an employee. Kuznetsov had no money to take care of Volochkova. The ballerina continued to communicate with the assistant, and after saying goodbye to her, she invited him and his wife to her ballet performances. After Kuznetsov’s arrest, the ballerina gives interviews about him. There is only one meaning: Sergey did not hit her and did not forget: they talked to the end, and, allegedly, her wife was jealous of him for the ballerina. Anastasia Volochkova even talked about the fact that Sergei recently asked to post information on her social networks that he was getting a divorce in order to upset her wife.

fatal marriage

On the eve of the new year 2023, Sergey Kuznetsov married Anastasia Kondrachuk. A pretty young woman earns money in an exotic way: she is a fortune teller on tarot cards. The couple lived in Nastya’s apartment in the Baumansky district of Moscow. Video from surveillance cameras appeared on the network on the day of the tragedy on May 12: Sergey Kuznetsov is sitting on a bench at the entrance with an open bottle of wine, it may seem that he is not completely sober – his wife is sitting in front . He then goes home. Soon Anastasia also went up to the apartment, where her husband beat her. The woman ended up in intensive care: she was diagnosed with a closed head injury, internal bleeding in the head, multiple bruises and bruises on the face and body.

Now the threat to life passed, and Anastasia Kondrachuk told her version of what happened: a flash of anger in her husband was caused by a bottle of wine that she brought home; Sergei did not like it, then jealousy was added, and he beat his wife several times. He also said that Kuznetsov was jealous of her for which scandals began, but he had not dissolved her hands before her.

They say that Kuznetsov’s wife looks like a ballerina Volochkova.

Photo: social networks

In court, Sergei told his version of what happened after the beating: “My wife did not want to go, but I called an ambulance and we went to the hospital. I called the doctor. Two days later I took a sedative: I was knocked out, and when I went out into the street they arrested me… We must not destroy our family, I was with them. I didn’t hide and I don’t intend to.” He said that he was willing to cooperate with the investigation and loved his wife. The reason for what happened, the man called jealousy for her wife’s ex-man: “He constantly went up, he found her through social networks. And then there was a fight, I felt bad, I couldn’t walk. And on this last day, she showed correspondence with him. I said, “How could you?!” And that’s it, I don’t remember…”

Kuznetsov also said that he and his wife allegedly reconciled, and she herself suggested that he come up with a version of an unsuccessful fall. So far, there is no confirmation of these words of the man. Subscribers on social networks do not believe that after such a tragedy, a woman will forgive her cruel husband. Kuznetsov himself did not deny that he had beaten his wife. Sergei Kuznetsov is charged under the article “intentionally inflicting serious bodily harm”. According to the forecasts of the lawyers, he will receive a real sentence: up to 8 years in prison. And even if his wife forgives, the principle of the inevitability of punishment will not allow Kuznetsov to escape responsibility. Sergei Kuznetsov was arrested for 2 months and is in jail.


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