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Saturday, February 24, 2024
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Vote for the politician who talks the least, he will be the one who lies the least

Date: February 24, 2024 Time: 08:17:18

Of all the dogs that bark, only the one that barks the least barks well. Diogenes Laertius did not say it but he may well have written it in his ‘Lives of the Philosophers’. I add: Of all the politicians who speak, only the one who speaks the least speaks well because he will be the one who lies the least. Let’s not forget either that “mori memory” that sooner or later has to arrive for everyone, including the presidents of the Government and of any institution or of any polling station. Emperors, generals, lieutenants, after all, all of them are mere mortals, and they sometimes forget their poor condition and that they are also cannon fodder for eternity.

Those so-called crazy Romans, formerly rulers of the world, were at least aware of their reality thanks to a certain nobility of spirit, and in honor of their weakness they allowed a slave who held a laurel wreath over their heads, a symbol of their successes. , will whisper in the ear from time to time the magical and divine words that every politician should carry engraved in his mind and on his chest full of glory: “Remember that you are mortal” (memento mori). Today, some citizens of the 21st century would like to add some more words typical of these times: “remember, trunk, that you are mortal…, and that you are only going to take from here the good that you do in this life, that is, that refines because if not the voters are going to crack at you for being foolish.”

It is very good for the nervous system that the so-called political leaders do not believe what they are not, quasi-divine beings who float above good and evil. It’s not good so much carpeting, not so much escort, not so much ‘yes, minister’. Due to their angry and demagogic tones, they are seen coming and, sooner or later, they will also be seen leaving. Everything that goes up, comes down, is an unwritten universal law but that is always strictly followed. And it is good to go down so as not to lose contact with reality. That a current politician is aware of how he will go down in history once his career ends indicates that his head is more willing to satisfy his ego than to satisfy the needs of his compatriots. No matter how much self-esteem one spends, he always ends up being a poor man. Perhaps when we finally reach that nakedness of body and soul we then achieve our true greatness.

Then we have the Podemos politicians who yell and yell and yell again to scare all those who don’t dare vote for them. As the Tenorio says, “How much those damned scream // but bad lightning strikes me // if at the end of this “campaign” // they don’t pay dearly for their screams”. And all because of a handful of undisguised arrogance that also serves to attract the attention of the like-minded who are beginning to be fed up with so many promises and few certainties. Podemos, like the PSOE, presents itself to this campaign as virgins made of dust and straw, as if they were passing by, without any responsibility after five years of government. Even Ione Belarra herself, a coalition partner and the president’s curse, but who does not let go of her wallet even if it is stolen, accuses her colleague of outrages Pedro Sánchez of “lying and cheating making campaign promises but then always forgets to keep “That is what a society that sits side by side in the Council of Ministers in Moncloa thinks and says, that the citizens will not say after seeing so much ignominy without repair.

“Remember that you are mortal”, this phrase should not only serve to wave the hand as if one really seemed human, or wanted to pretend it. Being deadly is enduring the downpour with good spirits, for example, at a meeting when someone asks you politely, as happened to Irene Montero, how is it possible to buy a large chalet earning what you earn? perceived but it does not give for such a big case, and also nobody knows how he has managed to amass that juicy amount of money.

The face and the screams of Minister Montero, still enraged, sound in the background like her nefarious attitude towards the lady who limited herself to asking what she did not know or is written anywhere, and what she received was a loud response: that His father died and in exchange he received part of the inheritance, which he quickly invested in the cheap chalet in Galapagar. But the tremendous disjointed screams of Minister Montero made it clear that her attitude is far from remembering that she is not only a mortal being, but that she is also obliged to fulfill the function of a public servant. -ca, no matter how much it hurts, and also you can’t leave a citizen speechless because they don’t like your questions. Politics, after all, is perhaps the only profession for which no preparation is considered necessary. Obvious.

What the great writer Miguel Delibes said in his day is also obvious: “For those who have nothing, politics is an understandable temptation, because it is a way of living quite easily.” Sometimes very easily and very little intelligence.

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Puck Henry
Puck Henry
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