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Friday, September 29, 2023
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Vyacheslav Grishechkin predicted his death in the series: the artist’s heart could not withstand oblivion and loneliness

Date: September 29, 2023 Time: 07:25:43

Frame from the television series “Soldiers”

“Hello, sky in the clouds, hello, young man in boots!” – The seemingly ordinary series “Soldiers” about the everyday life of military service has become a real cult and glorified a group of actors (there are even enthusiastic channels on YouTube, where the project is broadcast around the clock). There is no secret. Naive, childish in its own way, predictable as a subway route, but warm and kind, the series immerses you in the atmosphere of not the simplest sphere of life for men – service. And yet it attracts, even provoking nostalgia among those who served. Bright humor, worldly lessons and wisdom, as well as the truthful existence of bright and characteristic characters.

The political officer (major, later lieutenant colonel) with the revealing surname Starokon is one of them. Colorful, handsome, charming and even the role of a male dog seems to increase the charm of him. It was this role that made Vyacheslav Grishechkin a real national star. For some reason, many media outlets are misleading the audience by reporting that the “Brigada” star passed away on September 16. Inappropriate mockery. Of course, he was not just any star in the crime saga promoted by an organized crime group: in one discreet episode he played a man at the Riga station. But with his role in “Soldiers” he wrote himself down forever in the public’s notebook.

They took us to film season 17 or 18 of a non-war military series 10 years ago. Overgrowth, rain, trailers, sleet, fall and knee-deep water – the best conditions to work in! Starokon was the only and main star of the site. Everyone understood this, everyone was amazed by Grishechkin. Humor, politeness, tact, not a hint of the pretentiousness with which they love to poison the superstar’s hapless managers and assistants (one of the “Method” luminaries once locked himself in a trailer after being photographed without permission) . and he refused to leave until the scoundrel was fired). Grishechkin was an old horse in life. And vice versa. He wasn’t deliberate: they say, well, he’s an artist, well, he’s got it weird. No. Everything was organic and delicate, because he couldn’t do it any other way. He gave interviews directly in the car, looking at the young women.

It appears that season never aired.

Unfortunately, “Soldiers” remained the only vestige of the artist’s fame. In the new series “Madhouse” (Premier), the writers played with this through the reincarnation of Starokon and Ensign Shmatko: in the story, the hero Alexei Maklakov, who has not yet taken off the uniform of Ensign Shmatko , in episode 12 he talks about his best friend, played by Grishechkin. She remembers how she served with him in the military unit and receives a package and a letter from him. We see how Grishechkin’s hero writes this letter, sitting in a stroller and with a nasal cannula. He doesn’t have much time left. As a result, Maklakov’s character, upon finishing reading, realizes that this is the last letter and says goodbye to his friend for the last time. And Vyacheslav Germanovich, without due attention from his profession and his loved ones, says goodbye to us.

When “Soldiers” suddenly continued in real life and we all ended up as extras, Starokon didn’t mess up the groove and didn’t worry. The author of the soundtrack of the military series Utah travels through the Donbass. Grishechkin supported our guys and was going to perform at the concert of the “Artists for the Soldiers of Russia” movement.

Now you won’t have time.

Now no one will raise their eyebrows, as only Grishechkin could: “Destvittno?!”

Now he is far from the fame and the fuss, the cameras and the fees.

It is a pity.

Thank you for everything, senior comrade.

No incidents will occur during your absence.

Puck Henry
Puck Henry
Puck Henry is an editor for ePrimefeed covering all types of news.

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