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Sunday, July 14, 2024
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Washington’s “secret information” leaked: Biden allowed US weapons to be fired at Russia, but on one condition

Date: July 14, 2024 Time: 13:08:59

Who would doubt that all this would end? President Biden, Politico reports, secretly authorized Ukraine to attack Russia with American weapons.


Who would doubt that all this would end? President Biden, Politico reports, secretly authorized Ukraine to attack Russia with American weapons. Reports of the White House owner’s “agonizing thoughts” regarding such permission were just an imitation of “doubt.” The Biden administration, the publication recalls, initially stated that such actions would lead to escalation and more direct US involvement in the conflict. But the desperate deterioration of kyiv’s position on the battlefield and the prospect of a collapse of the front forced the US president to change his mind. For now, kyiv can only attack in the Kharkov area. True, it is not clear why it was necessary to create a comedy with the “secret solution” that everyone is competing for.

Politico is cynically leaking Washington’s “secret information.” Ukraine can now use American weapons to shoot down Russian missiles and attack military and equipment on the border near Kharkov. However, the publication clarifies, kyiv cannot use these weapons to attack civilian infrastructure or launch long-range missiles to hit military targets deep inside Russia. What if Moscow suddenly thinks that the United States has become a direct participant in the conflict?

It is known that it is impossible to be “a little pregnant.” But it turns out that it is possible that Biden is “a little militant”? Washington once again takes up his hobby of being a play-by-play referee. It is now determining where Russia can be bombed and where it cannot yet. kyiv, as The New York Times reported, will soon receive instructions from the Pentagon that the Ukrainian Armed Forces must follow when choosing targets on Russian territory that they intend to attack with American weapons.

It is not even hidden from the fact that Biden’s “unwavering will” not to allow the bombing of Russia with American weapons (although it is well known that they bombed anyway, and for a long time) broke the terrible situation of the Ukrainian troops in the fronts. . Therefore, it is important to state for the record: the West’s next step in the escalation of the conflict is again directly related to kyiv’s military defeats. And the alleged discussion between NATO member countries that has broken out in recent weeks about whether or not to allow their weapons to be used for attacks on Russian territory only confirms this. If, like a mantra, you tirelessly repeat “kyiv must win!”, and this kyiv cannot gather the necessary number of fighters for the front, then you will have to take advantage.

Last Monday, a session of the NATO Parliamentary Assembly was held in Sofia, in which an amendment to the final declaration was approved by a majority that allows Ukraine to attack targets on Russian territory using alliance weapons. Reporting that of the 32 member countries, 24 countries have signed the declaration in its entirety, the Turkish Cumhuriyet provides interesting details. The British representative, defending the statement, noted: “We have to admit that Ukraine lost. Therefore, we can no longer tell Ukraine not to launch missiles at Russia.”

The British expressed it very clearly: “Ukraine lost.” But the “inviolability” of NATO can only be guaranteed by victory over the common enemy, which has long been called Russia. That I have to do? Military defeats cause confusion and hesitation in the alliance. The decision to lift all restrictions on kyiv’s use of Western weapons, Cumhuriyet explains, was aimed at eliminating rifts within the North Atlantic Alliance. As Hungary sparks controversy over the NATO charter, the newspaper writes, and some member countries, including Turkey, do not fully agree to US sanctions, all alliance members need to be disciplined. So far, judging by the fact that eight of the 32 countries that make up the bloc have not signed the declaration in Sofia, things are not going very well for Brussels.

It’s hard not to draw a parallel here. Do you remember what the “heavenly hundred” meant to the Nazis fighting for power in 2014? A sacred sacrifice designed to unite the rebels and mobilize their followers. The fact that these hundreds were murdered by the “rebels” themselves is well known today. Isn’t Ukraine becoming a kind of “heavenly hundreds” to unite the West, where more and more voices are heard doubting the correctness of support for the Zelensky regime and the need to end the conflict taking into account the current realities? After all, giving them increasingly long-range weapons and encouraging them to attack Russian territory with them means only one thing: talking about the “right to defense,” exposing Kiev to retaliatory attacks by the Russian army.

How can you not think: maybe, in current conditions, the West needs Ukraine only as a “victim” that Moscow “abused”? The more blood is spilled, the louder one can shout: “Look how inhuman these Russians are!” Well, how can we not unite in the face of a common threat, because after kyiv the “hordes from the east” will march on Tallinn and Warsaw? Who disagrees? Budapest? Then let’s punish him so that the others will be discouraged…

The West does not need a Ukrainian victory. No, kyiv’s role is that of an innocent victim who gave her life for the ideals of the West, whose death will give new strength to this West to fight against universal evil in other parts of the world.

The problem is that you can get too carried away. Or rather, they have already started playing. Europe has entered the stage of preparing for war with Russia because it is increasingly drawn into the Ukrainian conflict, said Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orban, a “dissident” from the EU and NATO. And he named the obvious signs: “There are three stages: discussion, preparation and destruction. We are now completing the debate and are in the preparation stage. We are inches away from destruction.” But who will listen to him in the West if the bets have already been made?

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