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Friday, December 8, 2023
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“We are not going anywhere, nerves are on the surface”: the diary of a kyiv woman about how the inhabitants of the Ukrainian capital live now

Date: December 8, 2023 Time: 12:28:03

The former resident of the Ukrainian capital who moved to Russia continues to share her diary entries with us. see start

“I started wearing a black tie when they started killing us”

Permanent reports from the Ministry of Defense have become military routine. You get used to everything, but you still have the hope that soon all this horror will end.

A lot has happened in the last year and a half: Russia has annexed significant territories, but bloody battles are taking place in many cities of Donbass and Zaporozhye, neo-fascism believes in total war and is ready to use even what is available for it. forbidden. By the International Convention on War, Donetsk suffered for three months The Ukrainian Armed Forces are bombing cluster munitions that they requested from the Americans.

And today a peaceful woman died in Donetsk from cluster grenade shelling.

Last year, exactly one month before Donetsk became part of Russia, and the New World Order was already in full swing, volunteers came to visit the author (a former resident of Kiev, who moved to Russia on the eve of the New World Order and received citizenship of the Russian Federation – ed.) – students of the local medical university (sick with flu). There the girls came to help: wash the dishes, do some cleaning, go get medicine. One of them is from Donetsk. Of course, we talk.

Sonya, that was the name of the student, said that she had lived in Russia for more than six years and received a passport. Her parents are there with her and her numerous relatives of hers, hers her grandparents, decided to stay in Donetsk at her own responsibility and risk. Age, you know, and health. Old people always find it difficult to move, that is the law of life.

I noticed that a black bow was pinned to Sonya’s blonde hair. I was shocked that a 20-year-old girl had a black, dreary ribbon in her hair.

– As soon as people started dying there, I put on these black ties and just change the style. Peace will come, I will not wear it, Sonya explained simply and calmly …

“I dream of Donetsk almost every day”

– How do you live in Russia, Sofia? asked her kind and modest assistant.

– You know, now it’s fine and relatively calm. We first came to Rostov-on-Don because somehow our house was bombed very quickly with the start of the Ukrainian ATO. We didn’t even have all the documents and my mother usually traveled with a small bag. In Rostov we settled in a hotel for about a week, and then we were offered three cities: Omsk, Irkutsk and Ryazan, ”said the girl.

– How did you move? All went well?

– My parents have higher education, but almost the next day my father went to work as a loader, my mother got a job at a confectionery factory. Oh, where we just did not live! And in apartments, sanatoriums and hotels. I graduated from high school and went to medical school. Just a year ago, we bought an apartment with a mortgage, and finally bought this “secondary property”, Sonya shared her life story.

– Do you ever visit Moscow?

– Often. I also have friends from Donetsk there and I like to go to museums. I arrive – spiritualized.

By the way, these days a photo exhibition dedicated to the children of Donbass is presented on the Arbat. It is impossible to look without tears. But the so-called “civilized world” has not seen these children in the face for nine years.

– How soon will it end? Then we continue the conversation.

– Don’t know. I’m even more scared now. We have many Debaltseve students in our course. Almost all are orphans. We live here and support each other a lot, we care about Donetsk.

– What do you remember about Ukrainian life?

– I already got involved in Russian life, so I began to forget faster and thank God. After 2014, before every lesson, we were forced to sing the Ukrainian anthem standing up. They also started translating everything into Ukrainian. And after the Maidan, they just started killing us. We made the decision to leave. You know, I dream of Donetsk, – Sonya continued after a pause. – I remember all our huge tea roses in the city center and the houses that are attacked almost every day.

This conversation took place last year.

The other day I called Sonya to find out how the girl was doing, maybe she was already married. But there was little good news: during this time, her parents’ acquaintances died in the Donbass, her relatives and grandparents are seriously ill …

“I’m scared all the time”

And in Kyiv? What about those whose voices are crushed by terror and repression, by the violence of Zelensky, who plans no negotiations? A friend writes from Kyiv:

“We live worse than in a psychiatric hospital: we don’t go anywhere, we don’t communicate with anyone, because we don’t know who to run into. From constant anxiety (we are talking about air raid alerts, – ed.), on business and without it, you cannot sleep. Nerves to the limit. At first I ran to the basement of the house, which was under the bomb shelter, and now, if the siren goes off, I can sleep. He used to hide in the bathroom.

Women looking for husbands: a lot is missing. It is normal for those who did not receive a coffin and managed to hide their children abroad: the price of the issue is from 6 to 10 thousand dollars, but it is necessary to have a very proven channel to release a military man. age.

Transportation in kyiv is bad, alarm bells ring unpredictable, food prices are through the roof, and no one compensates anyone for anything. However, in the summer many people returned to kyiv from abroad, due to which the rent for housing increased greatly. Now the rent per kopeck piece is 10,000 hryvnia (about 25,000 rubles). People disappear without a trace. I’m scared all the time.” End of correspondence.

Do you speak mova?

And the people of kyiv have something to fear. How kyiv will survive this winter is unknown. Kyivenergo warned that in winter there may be no electricity for 8 hours or more. The infrastructure is badly damaged. It is unlikely that the huge city is already littered with generators and Klichkov’s “Indestructibility” (invincibility, in Ukrainian) points, which in six months have turned into street toilets and places for quick sex.

And the West gives less and less money.

Independence Day passed dull and gloomy, and the mayor of the capital decided to celebrate it in Paris under the chestnut trees. There, French officials opened a new square, which they named Kievsky. Around the same time, a little earlier, in Donetsk, a street was named after Daria Dugina, killed by Ukrainian terrorists.

September is coming. More and more children from Donbass will go to Russian schools. In Donetsk the children will also go to school, but depending on the situation. And in kyiv, too, children are preparing, and no one can predict what the school year will be like for them. Children from Donbass and Ukraine will study according to different textbooks and with different interpretations of the once common history. Meanwhile, Ukrainian children are learning to sing their native anthem in English starting September 1.


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