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Thursday, March 30, 2023
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We are on the threshold of important events. The astrologer’s forecast of what the first month of spring will bring us

Date: March 30, 2023 Time: 11:04:35

Saturn enters Pisces on March 7 and leaves for good on February 14, 2026.


“March is like a fault line, with events affecting not just the next month, but perhaps the next twenty years,” says astrologer Tatyana Lukashevich, author of the book “Your Best Horoscope” published by Komsomolskaya Pravda publishing house. –

Therefore, it is very important to pay attention to what is happening to you and around you. This will be a clue to understand future trends in your life.

Come on Russia!

– Why is this month so important, Tatyana?

– First of all, Saturn will change sign. On March 7, it will move into the sign of Pisces and will leave it completely on February 14, 2026.

Second, Pluto will enter Aquarius on March 23. So far this will be the first entry from him, lasting only 2.5 months. However, it is this brief period that will show what humanity will face until 2043.

– That’s even how?!

– Then Pluto will return to the sign of Aquarius for two decades. This is especially important for us, since Russia is symbolically under the sign of Aquarius.

Let me remind you: for the past 20 years, Pluto has been in Capricorn, under which China is symbolically located. It was during these years that there was a sharp increase in the Chinese economy. It now ranks second only to the US economy.

– And in some respects, China is even ahead of the United States.

– Pluto in astrology is responsible for transformation and crises, but also for untold wealth and power.

And if we recall the story, then the last step of Pluto in the sign of Aquarius fell on the reign of Catherine II. This era is called the “Golden Age”. So Russia made a breakthrough in economics and politics. In those years, Crimea, the Northern Black Sea region, the right bank of Ukraine, the Azov Sea, Belarus, Courland and Lithuania were annexed.

But not only in Russia there were serious events. The United States fought for independence from Great Britain, and in 1787 the same Constitution was adopted, the inviolability of which the American people are proud.

In France, the famous French Revolution took place, the monarchy was overthrown. On August 10, 1792, when the Sun, then in the sign of the kings (Leo), conjunct Uranus in exact opposition to Pluto, Louis XVI was deposed and placed under heavy guard in the Castle of the Temple.

I remind you of this so that we all understand what events are on the threshold of humanity.

Third, in March, Mars will once again make a tense aspect to Neptune, which can lead to aggravation of information warfare, fires at sea and at oil facilities, and aggravation of hostilities at sea. .

And there is also the possibility of tsunamis caused by earthquakes, especially around the full moon on March 7.

As a result of high-profile scandals, information that was previously hidden from the public will be revealed.

In personal situations, be careful with fire, gas, hot water systems, hot water. And also strengthen your immunity so as not to fall with SARS or the flu.

Goodbye Biden!

– Such planetary movements will inevitably be lost in the events of this month, – the astrologer Tatyana Lukashevich continues the story. – Let’s see the birth chart of Joseph Biden. In March, Lilith’s transit will connect with her Pluto, which is the ruler of her Sun, and Saturn’s transit will connect with the karmic node of Ketu. In the US presidential inauguration chart, transiting Pluto will set on the Sun, and the eclipse on April 20, 2023 will square that Sun on the inauguration chart moon. Which suggests the imminent departure of Biden from his position.

Dramatic events may occur in the life of the former President of the United States, Donald Trump, whose Sun will be attacked by malefic planets.

Of course, this is just the tip of the iceberg of the information that had to be analyzed.

As for the NWO, in March, events are unfolding on the rise. There will come a time when the world, being “on the edge” of existence, will understand that it is necessary to negotiate.

These could be “demonstration” performances in the form of tests, as North Korea likes to do, to cool down hot heads. But the fact that talk of nuclear weapons will increasingly arise in information flows in the near future is obvious.

We are on the verge of important events.

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However, Nature is much wiser than man and can offer a milder scenario. And this, oddly enough, is an earthquake. Since Pluto itself is responsible for nuclear energy and seismic activity.

– Here is a seismologist from the Netherlands Frank Hougerbits warns of a possible mega-earthquake in the period from March 3 to 7, which will affect 12 regions of the planet.

And Turkey is still shaking after the devastating earthquake on February 6.

– I said above that earthquakes and tsunamis are possible, especially around the full moon on March 7. But this energy from Pluto will allow humanity to survive from radiation, since there will be an order of magnitude fewer victims. And the scenario of Pluto’s action is milder than a global nuclear catastrophe.

In addition, it is in March-April that the configuration that existed at the beginning of World War II is repeated in the sky, and a month later we will have a Solar Eclipse on April 20 in square with Pluto itself.

Apparently, the Universe is ready to give our civilization another chance on its evolutionary path.

All this refers to the main cosmic events. And now with more detail of the day. We read carefully to properly plan our movements and affairs for the first month of spring. I indicate the date of the exact interaction of the planets, however, events can begin 3-5 days before this date.


March 1 and 2: Venus conjunct Jupiter. This is one of the best aspects that creates a feeling of happiness and joy, creative inspiration, popularity, falling in love, good luck on long journeys. You can make a marriage proposal, start important projects.

March 2: Mercury conjunct Saturn. This event with a plus sign helps to focus on one goal, get to the very essence, analyze and structure information, carry out analytical work and order documents.

With a minus sign – causes obstacles in travel, restriction in communication, training. Relations between brothers and sisters and neighbors are deteriorating. It is difficult to find a common language in negotiations.

March 3: Apogee of the Moon. An excess of optimism appears, confidence in people, courage. During the peak period, we often become a victim of scammers, scammers, or get involved in adventurous adventures. Try not to lose control of yourself and the situation. It is also advisable to limit the intake of any stimulant, starting with coffee.

Mercury enters the sign of Pisces at 1:51 Moscow time – it is difficult to find mutual understanding with other people, information is hidden, documents are lost. A difficult period for Virgo and Gemini.

With a plus sign: it is good to study esotericism, psychology, spiritual literature, write fantastic stories, scripts.

March 7: Full Moon in Pisces at 15:40 Moscow time. A more emotional day, as the luminaries square Mars, and Saturn changes sign and moves into Pisces. Possible accidents in oil installations, increase in military operations at sea, inattention when driving. Problems in hot water supply systems, gas and oil pipelines, tsunamis.

Saturn enters Pisces at 16:35 Moscow time. A logical and strict planet enters a water sign: anxiety and mistrust arise, psychological problems increase in unbalanced people, a craving for loneliness, fears.

March 13-17: Sun conjunct Neptune and square Mars. Square of Mars and Neptune. This aspect increases the risks of viral infections, acute poisoning, craving for drugs and alcohol. It is difficult to make decisions, to take the initiative. Accidents and fires are likely to occur at oil facilities or offshore, in hot water supply systems, military operations at sea, and tsunamis are increasing. It is recommended to exclude the intake of alcohol, drugs, not to overload yourself physically, to support your immunity. Check hot water systems, gas equipment.

March 17 – Venus enters Taurus at 1:34am BST. Here she is in her abode. Women improve their mood and well-being, acquaintances are more stable. This is a period of successful purchases, competent financial decisions and a creative boom. The desire for comfort, delicious food and bodily pleasures is on the rise.

Conjunction of Mercury and Neptune: increases the risk of wrong decisions, the tendency to err, disperses concentration, promotes confusion and self-deception. Psychosomatic illnesses are aggravated, scammers are activated. Check the documents more carefully, do not trust unfamiliar people, do not get depressed, consult with loved ones when making a decision.

March 18: Conjunction of Mercury and the Sun. Favorable for presentations, literary creativity. However, it is not recommended to overload the nervous system.

March 19 – Mercury enters Aries at 7:24am BST. Here Mars gets too hot: he can inadvertently offend another person with harsh words. But we can be inspired by a new idea or inspire others. However, in business we can be hasty and impatient, there is a danger of making the wrong decisions.

The perigee of the Moon at 18:04 is an increased emotional background, excessive pessimism, suspicion, dissatisfaction with oneself and with one’s partner, suspicion. It is difficult to control one’s emotions, therefore breakups in relationships, fights and suicides often occur in the perigee. Relaxing music, watching comedies, prayer, meditation, water treatments, use of aromatic oils, positive thinking are recommended. Avoid places with a large crowd of people. Be careful when driving.

March 21: The Sun enters the sign of Aries at 0:24 am Moscow time. This is the spring equinox, when night equals day. A new astrological year has begun. The energy of Aries brings the desire to act and is in tune with the renewal of ideas and plans. A good period for important undertakings, initiative, leadership qualities. The new moon at 20:23 Moscow time occurs conjunct Mercury and sextile Pluto at 1 degree Aries and square Mars. Venus is in conjunction with the Rahu karmic node, which is favorable for associations. You can write a wish list. However, the start of new cases should be postponed to the next day.

March 23 – Pluto moves into Aquarius until June 11, 2023. It is important to keep track of the events that occur during this period, as they will show the trends in your life for a long time. And from 2024, Pluto will enter Aquarius for the next 20 years.

March 25: Venus conjunct the North Node. Meetings and agreements will be fateful and long-term. Mars enters Cancer until May 20, 2023. The fiery planet enters the water element.

With a minus sign: men can feel a breakdown, active people can be reluctant to act, a defensive position arises. emotional instability.

With a plus sign – there is a desire to engage in household chores, construction, repair. People crave things that make them feel secure. We begin to appreciate the care of loved ones, the value of family and traditions.

Good luck and love!

Puck Henry
Puck Henry
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