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Thursday, September 28, 2023
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“We constantly pray to Viryavushka and ask for good weather”: Maria Poroshina and Elena Vorobey entered the “Baba Yaga School” in Mordovia

Date: September 28, 2023 Time: 10:12:45

The fairy tale film “The School of Baba Yaga” is being filmed in Mordovia.

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“KP” has written more than once that modern filmmakers pay special attention to well-known children’s fairy tales, brilliantly filmed in Soviet times (“Flint”, “Morozko”, “At the Command of the Pike”, etc. ). Another such work was the film “The School of Baba Yaga”, filmed in Mordovia.

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The project is dedicated to the adventures of the girl Lena (Eva Smirnova – from “Cheburashka”, “Vampires of the Middle Zone”, “Daddy’s Daughters”, etc.), who travels and meets colorful heroes of the epic Russian and Mordovian. the way. The heroine’s task is to find Baba Yaga (Elena Vorobey), who has her parents in the Far Kingdom.

“Baba Yaga is a prototype of the Mordovian forest goddess Viryava,” explained the project’s producer, Alla Kargina. — We are filming scenes in the Staraya Terizmorga village of Staroshaigov, in the Podlesnaya Tavla village of Kochkurovsky and in Saransk. We constantly prayed to Viryavushka and asked for good weather so we could take beautiful photographs. I learned all the gods of Mordovia while working on a film about Stepan Erzya… The locals treat us kindly and often feed us: they bring us honey, cucumbers and tomatoes. Everyone is delighted to see their favorite actors in Mordovian costumes.

In the national costumes of Mordovia, the famous Russian artists, Stanislav Duzhnikov (god of winter and night Nazar-peace), Maria Poroshina (Marya Tsarevna) and others, feel as if they are in a school uniform: happy and carefree. At the same time, costume designers sometimes deliberately used eclecticism in the style of characters: Baba Yaga, played by Sparrow, wears an Erzya dress and at the same time a Moksha headdress.

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“We are trying to make a classic fairy tale, so that it has more soul than special effects,” say the film’s creators. – After all, the public has always preferred sincerity.

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The artist of the Great Moscow Circus of the Zapashny brothers, Artem Bobtsov (“House Arrest”) had the opportunity to embody on the screen the image of Kuygorozh, a character from the Moksha mythology who, according to popular belief, can attract untold riches to the house. .

The premiere of “The School of Baba Yaga” is scheduled for 2024.

Puck Henry
Puck Henry
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