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Friday, March 31, 2023
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“We have a little piece of paradise now”: what Mariupol residents told Vladimir Putin

Date: March 31, 2023 Time: 09:46:52

Putin apologized for the disturbance: a local resident called Vladimir Vladimirovich, but did not warn his wife. Photo: freeze frame video

New details of Vladimir Putin’s first trip to Donbass have emerged. On the night of March 19, the president flew to Mariupol by helicopter to inspect the restoration of the city.

– Now we are on the territory of the Mariupol airport, the buildings are quite destroyed, the runway has been preserved. We will rebuild, we plan that it will be a full-fledged airport with the ability to fly to all cities of Russia and abroad, – said Deputy Prime Minister Marat Khusnullin, who accompanied the head of the country all the time.

– When? – said the president of the country.

– We set it for 2025, now the nearest airport is in Rostov and Taganrog, 150 kilometers away.

Vladimir Putin got behind the wheel, with Deputy Prime Minister Marat Khusnullin in the passenger seat. Photo: freeze frame video

Judging by the fact that the car and the camera were quite shaken, the road from the airport had not yet been restored. The president was assured that the road from Mariupol to Donetsk was completely ready. For the first time it became 4 slats over its entire length.

Putin’s visit was not announced anywhere. For the safety of the first person, as little attention as possible was drawn to the courtship of him. Traffic in Mariupol was not blocked or restricted in any way, there was not even the usual escort of the president’s car.

The footage shows that in front of the car of Vladimir Vladimirovich, the head of the country, by the way, was driving himself, just a security jeep without flashing lights.

– While roadblocks are up. The cars are being checked,” the deputy prime minister said as Putin drove around the huge concrete blocks in the middle of the road.

On the way to the “Nevsky” residential complex (this is the first quarter of the city with new buildings), the Deputy Prime Minister reported on the successes. Even before winter, heating was restored in many buildings. A hospital with 300 beds will soon be opened.

Upon arriving at the place, the president was shown photos of the damage.

Was it all like that? – said Vladimir Vladimirovich.

– These are the most beautiful houses. You know, it’s very clear that they [ВСУ – прим.ред] did. Where we were advancing, there were no shell hits from our side. In their direction, the tanks reached direct fire. You can clearly see how they fell back and won at home. They just destroyed. By the way, there was no need to hit, but they destroyed everything around them. They even mined the corpses so that they were not removed. This is where the refugees lived. I saw it with my own eyes. In one operating room, in another – patients, in the third – the people who lived there, and even the entire medical team was mined. At the hospital! Khusnullin was outraged.

– The so-called Nazis. Normal people wouldn’t do that,” the president said.

Local residents were already waiting in the courtyard for Putin.

– Can I at least greet you? We just saw you on TV! They asked.

“We need to start getting to know each other better,” the country’s president agreed.

– They just showed that you are in the Crimea, and you are here. Thanks for the win! We have waited! We are praying for you.

– Do you like being here now?

“This is a little piece of paradise that we have here now,” exclaimed one of the women.

“We will expand it,” the Russian leader promised.

The locals invited Vladimir Vladimirovich to visit.

– And how many rooms do you have here? asked the president.

– Three. They were three and they gave three, – answered the resident of Mariupol.

True, long meetings over tea did not work. Putin apologized for the disturbance: a local resident called Vladimir Vladimirovich, but did not warn his wife.

Having finished inspecting the new houses, the head of the country went further around the city.


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