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Thursday, March 30, 2023
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We want to find spring in these things from local brands

Date: March 30, 2023 Time: 11:05:47

With the arrival of warm weather, you want to remove the things that remind you of winter and immediately replace them with something that matches your sense of the world right now. Our choice is light dresses, light coats, snake print pants and silk pajamas.

If spring does not come to us, then we ourselves will find it in this delicate dress from the St. Petersburg brand: weightless viscose, lily-of-the-valley sleeves, blue in a shade of sky-blue and a small flower.

We don’t know how it works, but there are things where you feel super safe. Python print faux leather flared pants are just like that. The thing is so self-sufficient that it requires nothing more than a white T-shirt.

Jewelry designer Vanya Tengran interacts very subtly with architecture. For example, this 14-karat gold ring is based on the modernist architects’ idea of ​​exposing the skeleton of a building: each facet of the jewelery refracts color and sparkle.

With the arrival of spring, you want lightness, even if the thermometer is still negative. A beautiful compromise will be a pea coat, still strict and warm, but due to the length, at least some kind of freedom is already felt. And with the first plus, we are going to wear it in contrast to miniskirts.

A skirt from the have to have category: yes, impractical, there won’t be so many reasons to wear it, but it’s still impossible to pass by. But things so rare and stunning give energy and a rush of joy – we forgive their lack of functionality.

There is nothing embarrassing if you want to dress up as a doll in the spring. This polka dot dress with a contrasting neck will help us. It is better to choose flat shoes for him – loafers in a men’s style, Mary-Jane shoes or sneakers.

When the sun rises earlier, you start to appreciate the moments of serene morning. I want to take my time, make tea and look out the window, and not at the phone screen. Primrose silk pajamas are made for this scenario.

March is still scary with frost and wind, but let this sunny coat serve as a reminder that heat is near. Made from double layered cashmere, it also comes with a quilted lining that fastens with buttons and is easy to remove.

Hansen Taylor
Hansen Taylor
Hansen Taylor is a full-time editor for ePrimefeed covering sports and movie news.

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